(WWYD) What Would Yoda Do?

“There is No Teaching, Only Learning” -$500 Millionaire

The $500 Millionaire always reminds me that there is No Such Thing As Teaching, Only Learning. The $500 Millionair and I have a very storng relationship which was created over years of working together.  The main reason we are so strong is because we both understand the value of a mentor/mentee relationship.  This is something that most people think they can explain but do not have a true understanding.  Most would say a mentor is someone who a younger person looks up to.  If you think that is true, you are confusing a Mentor with a Role Model and need to read this NOW!

A mentor is WAY more than a role model and age has NOTHING to do with it.  If you are careful and selective about who you allow be your mentor, you can achieve things you would not be able to do on your own.  Please understand that the mentee chooses who is a mentor in their life and the entire relationship, if correct, should be controlled by the mentee.  I understand that this is a different way to think about it…the $500 Millionaire will explain more on that later on but back to the relationship.

A mentor/mentee relationship is a two way street meaning both have to be willing to give and receive.  According to the $500 Millionaire there are three levels of this relationship.  The first is when the Mentor gives all they can and the Mentee takes all they can.  If you think this sounds one sided, it is, but a good mentor knows what comes next  The Second Level is when the Mentee starts to grow from following the Mentors suggestions and the Mentor can sit back and watch.  This is when the Mentor gets a majority of their joy and pleasure of this relationship.   The third level, which is only reached when there is a good and strong mentor/mentee relationship, is when the Mentee eventually surpasses the Mentor.  A good mentor will encourage this, a want-a-be mentor will be upset when the mentee surpasses them.  Also understand that a good mentor, like the $500 Millionaire, will try their best to protect a mentee.  Sometimes a mentee could see this as being held back.  With a good mentor, they will never hold a mentee back from positive growth.  If they are holding you back, take that as a sign.  What you are doing is probably not the best idea.  They are most likely trying to protect them from making a HUGE mistake.  Fortunetelling for me, I have VERY high standards on my mentors and still have a TON of work to do to surpass the $500 Millionaire.

Please note that the $500 Millinonaire is very selective in the words he uses.  For example, above it said, “the mentee starts to grow from following the mentors suggestions…”  The $500 Millionaire is not a teacher, he is a mentor.  Mentors do not teach as much as they share experiences and give suggestions that will allow the Mentee to make thier own decission.  The Mentor does not make the decission, the Mentee does.

The relationship should be controlled by the Mentee in two ways:

                        1) What is learned.

                        2) What actions are taken.

This does not mean that the mentee should demand the Mentor to do things but the Mentee needs to ask the Mentor to help learn what they want.  A good Mentee will value their Mentors time and make sure they NEVER waste the Mentors time.  The Mentee should not rely on the Mentor to teach.  Remember there is no Teaching, Only Leaning.  As a Mentee you should be reaching out to the Mentor with questions and not waiting for a scheduled lesson plan…it wont come.

This is a key point in this relationship that needs to be understood by both parties.  The actions taken by the mentee are all decided by the mentee. Again, the $500 Millionaire loves to remind me that there is no such thing as Teaching, Only Learning.

That means that the person receiving the information needs to decide to learn that information, other wise that “teaching” is just someone showing or talking about something and basically a waste of breath.  With No Learning there is No Teaching.  I am not a HUGE Star Wars fan but I love some of Yoda’s saying that he’s come up with over the past 900 or so years.  When I first heard the $500 Millionaire say “There is no teaching, only learning,”, I was sure he was quoting Yoda.  When I looked into it, I was amazed that there was not a quote saying “Teaching there is no. Learning there is just.” Well Yoda, Ya missed that one.

So what this means is that the power of learning is really in the Student/Mentee’s control and not in the teachers control.  This means the student or mentee needs to activly look to learn rather than look to be taught.  You need to look and go get the knowledge rather than wait for it to be given to you.  This is a not how most people think but then again, most people are not $500 Millionaires.

Take your self-growth and learning into your hands.  Create a Mentor/Mentee relationship and if you don’t know how, let us know and we will help.  There is no relationship better for your success in any avenue of life than finding the right mentor.  With the right mentor you can learn a lifetime worth of experience just over lunch.

Always remember, the $500 Millionaire says, it is better to copy Genius than to Create Mediocrity.  Be open to learn from someone else’s experiences.  Learning from a mentor take a lot less time and is a lot less painful.

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