Who Works For Who?

The $500 Millionaire has a strong stance on managing people and it is one concept that few people understand and even more simply can not do it.  This is not just for managing employees but managing all relationships in your life. The question the $500 Millionaire would want you to ask yourself is who works for who?  At some point in our lives, fortunately some have less than others, we’ve all had boss’s.  The $500 Million has taught me exactly how to work with a team, with a partner, in a relationship, or managing a group of employees.  As promised, in this blog you will not find anything you would find in a typical book and this post is no different…

There are a few ways to manage people and if you have ever read any self growth or business book, you have heard all of the tips as to how to lead.  Like stated before, the $500 Millionaire will not waste your time on something you can find in a book.  The concept the $500 Millionaire wants you to understand is that it doesn’t matter what your title is, you still need to be able to manage people. if you ever use your title to motivate people, or know someone (past bosses) who has done that, you or they are more likely a bully than a leader.   

The way to lead people is simple…take care of them.  I don’t mean this in a parental or over protecting way.  I mean this as a way of leading.  Not only must you give them every tool they need to succeed but also, you have to work with them to take away any roadblocks or barriers that might be in their way.  So to answer your question, Who works for who?  It seems as if you work for your team, your spouse, or even your employees.  If you do this, they work better for you  Yes thats right, the $500 Millionaire STRONGLY believes that your job, as an owner of a company, manager, partner or as a member of a team, is to work for those on your team.  That means you subordinates and your superiors. 

Now that does not mean doing the work for them.  All this means is that you do whatever you can to allow them to do their job better.  If that’s to run and get them coffee, just do it.  Remember that as a leader…You work for them.  If your not doing your job in supporting them, they can not do thier job.  If they can not do thier job, your business, your team, your relationship goes under.  It is as simple as that.

ImageThere is a very wealthy and successful entrepreneur that you probably know who was criticized when he bought every manager a Camaro as a bonus.  He was also crticized when he gave all of his employees who made under $28K a year a $1000 Christmas Bonus.  (When I say $1000 Bonus, he decided to pay for the taxes too.)  Now when someone is worth a couple Billion dollars $1000 is not much but when you multiply it by the hundreds of employees that falls in this group, its a pretty penny.

Now the reason why I tell you this story is because when he was asked why he did this, his answer was simple.  If I do everything in my power to make sure my employees are happy, that happiness will rub off on their work and in return they will do their job better and make my customers happy.  With customers happy, they spend a LOT more money.  

To the $500 Millionaire, that makes perfect sense.  That goes with ANY relationship.  You need to go into it knowing you will get someone thing out of it if you give first.  What that means, as cliche as it sounds, is to make sure you are willing to help everyone on your team or anyone you are in a relationship as much as you would want them to help you.

The saying, “the more you give, the more you get” couldn’t be more true in this case.  If you can sit an think about what you do for your employees or the team you manage and see that they are doing more to help you, rethink how you are running that team.   If you are being “served” by your employees, teammates, or spouse, the $500 Millionaire challenges you to take the napkin that is on your lap while they are serving you, put it around your arm, and ask them what you can do for them.

Try this out in either your personal life or in your work environment.  Start seeing if you can help others make thier job easier and watch how much easier your job becomes.  Change your focus on how can you help others, and you  will be amazed with the amount of success that comes back to you.

It is the little things that count.


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