A Good Offense Needs Less Defense

ImageWhy let consequences decide your future?   Anyone who has ever played spots has heard that defense is the most important part of the game.  While we believe that defense is VERY important, we believe Offense never gets a fair shot in the glory.  In life, like in sports, you need a good defense but without a good offense, you will never win and never move forward.

Especially in today’s economy, many people are letting their Consequences, both those they can control and those they cannot control, determine their future.  When we say that, we mean living a very reactive life.  A problem happens, I try to handle it, Next problem, I try to handle is, and so on and so on.  This might work every now and then but if the problem Is too big (Loosing Job, House, Family, etc) it is impossible to manage with this mindset.  This could potentially put you in an uphill fight for the remainder of your life.  The $500 Millionaire believes if our country was to lose this Reactionary Lifestyle, we could turn this societal downfall around.  Also this reactive lifestyle will not work if you are actually trying to make the most out of life.  People tend to not take action until they have to…WOW, What a terrible way to live.

With a good offense, you need less defense, with a bad offense, you need great defense just to survive.  So that makes sense in the sporting world but what about in life, business, and relationships?  The $500 millionaire will be the first to say that this is not easy to do and it takes a good amount of conscious effort to do this.  The key word is Discipline and without that, not only will this not work, but your life will be chaotic.  If you can master this, your life will be less stressful, you relationships will be stronger, and your professional life will be more on the path of your choosing.

Here are just a few simple concepts that you can start using today to have a strong Offense which will allow you to make decision before a problem, rather than after the problem happens.  This will allow you to make the decision before the problem happens.  Here are just three real quick:

1. Money– Save this.  Keep in your mind that you do not make money to spend money; you make money to save money.  This does not mean you do not spend money on things you want, but understand why you are working and why you NEED money.  There are needs and wants, make sure the Needs are always taken care of.   I like to use the term Hood Rich and this is when people get their paycheck and spend it all.  It might mean they can buy nice things but they cannot support themselves in times of crisis.  A simple way to do this is to make sure you pay yourself first.  I know this is a strange concept but, make sure you are always giving yourself 10% of every dollar you make.  It doesn’t matter if it is $10 or $1,000,000, pay yourself first.

2.  Take care of your health– This doesn’t mean to be at the gym 5 days a week, you don’t even have to go to the gym, this just means to stay healthy.  Be conscious of what you eat and the things you do.  This also includes learning.  Be careful of the stuff you allow in your head.

3.  Expect the best and Prepare for the worst- Always have this mentality.  This will allow you to always enjoy life while always ready for its surprises.  I think we can all agree that life gives us some big surprises.  People have a mindset of “that couldn’t happen to me?” and that is the kiss of death.  I relate this to seeing people swimming with sharks.  It is very uncommon to hear about a shark attack when people VOLUNTARILY swim with them.  Why people would do that…I don’t know, but the sharks do not hurt them.  Why is that?  The reason is because they are prepared, paying attention and taking the right PREcautions.  The $500 Millionaire will discuss this in another blog.

Just make sure you’re taking actions to better set up your future rather than allowing the events in your future dictate your life.  One thing I respect about the $500 Millionaire is he is very rarely caught off guard.  The reason why is not because he is lucky or has it easy (trust me, that is not the cast).  The reason is because he has taking actions to answer the questions “What if?” Some say he sometimes goes above and beyond to prepare himself for the worst case scenario.  Now he doesn’t create bomb shelters for his family but he is taking small, necessary steps to make sure if something bad happens, he is able to handle it.  That is in life and that is in business.  It is a high chance that the longer you live, the more “What If” situations you will encounter.

When people ask the $500 Millionaire why he does the things he does and why he is always a few steps ahead, his answer is simple.  He asks back “Why Not?”  Why are you not ready for this bad economy?  What are you not saving money? Why are you not ready for your company to have a bad quarter?  Why are you not prepared for when your child goes to school, or your child gets sick, or your child is in trouble?    Why are you not prepared?

There are a TON more you can do and probably some that you are doing that others might not know about, please feel free to comment with some things that you do to create a good offence so you don’t have to worry about the defense.  Remember one of the best defenses you can have is a great offense but you always NEED both.


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