How to Swim With Sharks and Not Get Bit


Did you ever wonder why somebody would VOLUNTEER to swim with sharks?  I use to think that was CRAZY! When I am in the ocean, I try my best not to step on a shell let alone see a shark!  There are people who make a living, taking people TO THE sharks!!! When I did a bit of research, I was not at all surprised to find out that there are more fatal shark attacks on people playing/surfing in the ocean, than from people trying to swim with the sharks.  The $500 millionaire has found out how they do it.

To a shark, there is no difference between the people looking for the sharks and the people who are surfing with their friends.  A shark is a shark and we all know what they do…hunt.  Both humans probably taste similar but why doesn’t the sharks bite the people who are trying to swim with them as much as people just playing in the ocean?

The answer is simple and it all has to do with Risk Management.  In today’s society, there are tons of risks that make it harder and harder to become successful.   To become successful in any avenue of your life, you need to become a master of Risk Management.  In the instance with the shark bites, the $500 Millionaire believes the reason why the attacks are so one sided is because one group is prepared and aware of their environment and the other is oblivious to everything underneath them.  Have you ever been that person in any aspect of your life?

Now the $500 Millionaire does not surf and does not regularly swim with sharks but he does take risks…BIG RISKS.   To an optimist, with big risk come big rewards. To a pessimist, with big risk come even bigger problems.  Both are true but with the right preparation and understanding of your environment, you can mitigate that risk dramatically.   The $500 Millionaire has had failures throughout his life but nowhere near what he would have seen if he did not take the right precautionary measures.

Some people love risk and some people hate it.  One thing the $500 Millionaire believes is that when people are ready for it, no matter how big or small, almost anyone can handle it.  Risk is one thing that holds back someone’s ability to grow in their life, their relationship, and their carrier.  With risk comes one of the most powerful paralyzer to growth…fear. 

Think of fear as an acronym… False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear can only exist when something is unknown.  If you know the outcome, there is no reason to fear.  (Feel Free to comment any outcome you know, that you still fear) Walking through a haunted house, you are not scared of what is happening, you are scared of what could potentially happen.  You know that you are not going to be hurt but for some reason you are still scared.  If you doubt this, walk through it again a second time, see if it there is as much fear.  Or watch a scary movie twice…not the same once you know what is going to happen.

Fear can also come from the thought that you are unable to handle a situation.  Something happens and you doubt you ability to make the correct decision.  Two words can fix that and never allow fear to hold you back again.  That is preparation and knowledge

If you are forced to work with someone you cannot trust or rely on, whether that is a Partner, a co-worker or a teammate, by knowing you can not trust or rely on them, you are able to work around their actions.  This is another one of those instances where knowledge is power and if you use that power correctly you can keep growing, take risks, and gain great rewards.  Remember Facts overtake Fear!

When you are investing your money, by just doing a bit of research and preparation, you can stay safe.  When buying a house, with just a bit of research and preparation, you can stay safe.  When finding a spouse, making a sale, or just crossing the street…with just a bit of research and preparation, you can stay safe.  With preparation and knowledge, you can gain GREAT rewards with manageable risk.

Think about some of the riskiest things people can do.  Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing, Motorcycle Racing, Extreme Sports, etc.  There are people able to make a living doing things that if the $500 Millionaire even tried, like most of us, would get seriously injured or even die.  This is not because they are any different from the $500 Millionaire.  It is because they are prepared and have the knowledge of the correct actions to take to do what they want to do. (How to take the risk)

To answer the question, “How to swim with sharks and not get bit?”  It is simple, you take the necessary steps to prepare yourself and get knowledgeable about the situation.  Find an Instructor (a Mentor), Practice before the Real Test (gain Knowledge/Correct Advice), jump in the water (Take the action).  If you were to uses this method in every decision you make, you will have a much easier life and much fewer chaotic situations.  Preparation is the key to success.


Remember, the best way to deal with fear is knowledge.   I am not saying every time you fear something, by gaining knowledge it becomes good.  Knowledge and preparation together is just a very powerful tool to protect you from risk.  The $500 Millionaire tells me to trust my intuition but rely on facts to make a decision.  Fear is not Fact so do not only use that to make a decision.


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