How To Eat An Entire Elephant By Yourself!

We have seen some strange food eating contests throughout the past few years.  We have Hot dog eating contest, wing eating contests, weird food eating challenges on you tube.  There are even shows on TV right now on pushing the limits of what people can eat and how much of it they can eat.  Imagine if one day you were challenged with the task of eating an elephant.  Yes an entire elephant which weight anywhere between 2.7 tons and 4.5 tons!  What would you do?  How would you do it?  Where would you start?  That is a lot to eat.  Is it even possible?  The $500 Millionaire will explain exactly how to eat an elephant, no matter how big it is, from start to finish.

via How To Eat An Entire Elephant By Yourself!.


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Welcome to one of the most interesting challenges I have ever been given in my life. I am here to talk to you about the $500 Millionaire. The $500 Millionaire wants me to blog to you about how the $500 Millionaire became a millionaire from basically nothing. He wants me to give tips to people who want to live like Millionaires. One myth that the $500 Millionaire would like me to discuss and de-bunk is the people become successful because they have money. There are Millions of ways to go from nothing to something and this is geared towards helping people who want to better them self and become a $500 Millionaire. If you would like money to never be an issue again, then the one thing you can not afford missing is following this blog. The $500 Millionaire will help me address any questions you might have and give you a $500 Millionaire answer. You can ask anything from how to make money, how to save money, how to live like millionaire. Nothing is off limits and the $500 Millionaire will address any issue. These are all things that we will be able to answer and show you. The $500 Millionaire has created millions with less than $500 in some business and can show you how. View all posts by 500dollarmillionaire

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