How To Eat An Entire Elephant By Yourself!

We have seen some strange food eating contests throughout the past few years.  We have Hot dog eating contest, wing eating contests, weird food eating challenges on you tube.  There are even shows on TV right now on pushing the limits of what people can eat and how much of it they can eat.  Imagine if one day you were challenged with the task of eating an elephant.  Yes an entire elephant which weight anywhere between 2.7 tons and 4.5 tons!  What would you do?  How would you do it?  Where would you start?  That is a lot to eat.  Is it even possible?  The $500 Millionaire will explain exactly how to eat an elephant, no matter how big it is, from start to finish.

Just to make it clear, the $500 Millionaire does not suggest anyone should try to eat an elephant but if you ever wanted to, this process would probably work.  Also from here on out, the concept of an elephant is not a physical elephant as much as a metaphor of a HUGE Task or Goal that you need to do and the $500 Millionaire will explain how to take on a task that is just overwhelmingly large.  It is a very simple concept but should have a complex effect on the outcomes in your life.  The $500 Millionaire once asked me how would I take on this task.  I said, “I would call some friends and we could take it down together.”   He then explained that I was alone and had to do it on my own.  Well that changed things and after a while of thinking, I openly admitted, “I don’t think I could do it on my own.” He adamantly disagreed.

He said it was quite simple.  (Most of the $500 Millionaire lessons’ are VERY simple but not necessarily easy) He suggested that I should break it down into sections and just do one at a time.  If those sections were too big, then break them down into smaller sections, one at a time.  the $500 Millionaire suggested I keep breaking it down into smaller sections until I was able to actually handle the sections.  I then asked him, ”Wouldn’t it just easier to put it in a blender and make a big smoothie?”  He didn’t really understand my joking ton and said, “If that’s how you can best handle the task, then sure, get a bender.”

This is how you take on and accomplish the Big Hairy Audacious Goals or B-HAGs as Jim Collins puts it in “Good to Great.”  Tons of people have that BIG goal that they know they want but they just cant figure out where to start.  Think of it as if your big goal is to eat the elephant.  Instead of trying to figure out where you start and probably going in the wrong direction, why not start with the finish and go backwards.  You might see this in books called top-down visualization.   It is like when we were younger and tried to do a maze, if you start from the finish line you make fewer mistakes.

So take the Goal (Elephant) and break it down into sections of smaller goals.  Then take those goals and break them down into smaller goals, into years, then months, then weeks, then possibly days.  That is how you take down a beast.

This is also how you work out time management.  I am sure, if your like every other human, you have had a time where you were just overwhelmed with things to do?  Well here is what the $500 Millionaire would have you do.  Take the BIG to do list, write it down, and then start breaking it off into smaller sections until it is manageable.

We challenge you to do this and promise you that you will be amazed with some of the things you will be able to accomplish.  Some of the most challenging, overwhelming, massive goals that you just can’t even understand where to start will be made simple if you just start at the end.  There will be no clearer path to success for any task at hand then looking at the end goal and taking your steps backwards.  To show you this works, feel free to do these two mazes.  Try the first one starting at the beginning. And try the second one starting at the finish.

Depending on if you actually did the mazes above, and how much you are actually paying attention, it is quite obvious that they were the exact same maze.  If you followed the instructions you will see the second one that you start from the finish was a bit easier to complete. Even if it is upside down.

Work every task of your life just like this.  It doesn’t matter if it is s a goal or just a long to do list filled with every day things like family, work, and personal tasks.  Just so you know, finishing your to do list is sometimes the Big Goal.  Take a second to take the elephant, break it down into smaller sections.  If they are still too big, break it down again, and again, and again until it is manageable and that is how you achieve success…and that is how the $500 Millionaire suggest you eat an elephant.

If you know someone who is a bit overwhelmed, has a ton to do, is always busy, please send them this blog or post it on their Facebook/twitter page.  Please feel free to share this information with anyone you feel could use a quick read this week and help get something’s done.


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