Cut down a Tree with a Spoon

In today’s society we are constantly going as fast as we can.  100 Miles per hour at all times.   Sometimes that is just to barley keep up with everyone else.  This has been one weakness I have had to deal with in my life because you can not go 100% all the time.  Eventually the human body needs its rest.  While resting the most amazing thing happens with the human body but it actually rebuilds it self and gets you ready for the next day.  Without rest we could not function and our body has an interesting way of telling us that.

So the past few weeks I have been traveling a TON.  Every second I get I am trying to squeeze in work for one of my businesses.  Needless to say I was not giving myself time to Rest and recover.  The $500 Millionaire has warned me about this multiple time but with my superman complex I fell like I can work through anything.  Well the human body has a fun way of telling you it is time to rest.  It will shut down and just not let you work.  No Focus, No Motivation, and no ability to work.  If you think I am wrong, just try to stay up for a few days and you will see that your body will eventually shut it self-down.

When this happened to me this last weekend, it made me think of multiple lessons and stories I have heard from the $500 Millionaire.   It is a story about two groups of men cutting down a tree.  Now before this starts sounding like a fairy tale, they is no happy ending but there is a moral to the story.  The two groups are asked to cut down 10 trees.  One group has much bigger, stronger men, and the other has the weak smaller guys.  The strong men get right at it, they start sawing away at the trees.  They fly through the first one and then onto the second tree.  The Smaller guys decide to cut down the first tree then take a second to sharpen the saw and then go to the next.  The bigger guys do not understand why the smaller guys with do this.  What a waste of time.

Well it turns out that as time went on, The bigger men started to not only get tired with non-stop work, but their saw also was becoming dull so towards the end of this challenge they were working even harder, becoming more and more tired, and ended up not being able to finish all 10 trees.  The Weaker Smaller guys took a bit longer but were able to cut down the trees faster on average because they took 5 minutes to sharpen the saw.

Another story I was told was about two groups of men were challenged to cut a tree down with a spoon.  The bigger, stronger group just started to hack at the tree with the spoon but the wiser weaker men took the spoon, sharpened the edges and then were able to cut down the tree.  Both stories could just be wise tales but the lesson is still there.  You need to take time to allow you body and brain to recharge in order to go further.

This is something that the $500 millionaire says our society needs to do.  Like I said this is really a weakness of mine as I just like to keep going and going.  Kind of like the Energizer bunny in the last post.

According to the $500 millionaire the human brain can work consistently effective for no more than 2 hours on one task.  The human body also needs its rest in order to preform at high efficiency.  Make sure you are taking some time to rest but also sharpen your saw.  Reading blogs such as this one are things that will help sharpen your saw. Your brain is like a muscle in that it needs time to heal after it has been worked hard.  Keep that in mind and allow yourself to work at your highest efficiency and take some time to rest, relax and recharge.

Please feel free to share this blog with anyone you feel it may help and comment below on any ways you are able to relax/sharpen the saw to stay as efficient as possible.




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