Proving it Wrong Is Easy But Can you Prove it Wright??? I challenge you!

ImageAll throughout school we are taught to use the scientific method for problem solving.  Create a hypothesis and then prove it wrong.  If you cannot prove it wrong, than it must be a truth.  In science this makes sense but this is one of many things the $500 Millionaire feels some people are not able to achieve their goals.   Unsuccessful people tend to find flaws and prove why it won’t work and successful people only reach success when they make it work.  Which one are you?  Where are focusing your energy?  Do you try to prove it doesn’t work (Fail) or do you try to prove that it does work (Success)?

When  I asked the $500 Millionaire why he has been able to accomplish so much he confidently said, “It is because I do whatever I can to prove its right.”  I have never heard that before.  I know a ton of people who like to prove things wrong but to prove things right… this concept just didn’t make sense to me.  He went on to explain that people become successful or unsuccessful not by their opportunities but by their mindset, actions, and personal characteristics.  The reason why there are so few people who are successful and do great things in life is because a majority of our society has become very good at, after being taught for years to do so, proving things wrong.  The $500 Millionaire always tells me that if I ever get into a discussion about something and the counterpart keeps trying to prove me wrong by attaching my stance, then it is a pointless conversation and the discussion will go nowhere.  If I am having a discussion or disagreement on something and the person I’m speaking with instead tries to prove their belief and reasoning, then it is a worthy discussion.  (You will see this with touchy subjects like religion or politics.  The second someone starts making fun of your belief and can only prove you wrong to feel like they were right, please understand it is because they have no better point to back their belief so this is all they can do. If you keep that in mind, you will save a lot of friendships)

The $500 Millionaire has always had this mindset that anything is possible.  They teach you that anything is possible in the beginning years of school, then as you get older, science starts to come in and we are taught what is not possible and why it is not possible.  The $500 Millionaire does not think science is wrong or that it lacks importance but when we take that same problem solving method and use it for the struggles in life, it is hard to get any positive outcome.   Successful people keep that out of their thought process when trying to achieve a goal, unsuccessful people use that to reason why they didn’t reach the goal.

ImageThink of some of the most successful people in history, were they successful in proving what was not possible or where successful for breaking that paradigm and showing what is possible?  Think of Columbus discovering that the world is round, Galileo, Newton, the Founding Fathers, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, the Wright Brothers, Martin Luther King Junior, and this is just to name a few.  Any historic figure that is positively remembered by society is not successful because of what they were able to prove wrong but they are successful for what the were able to proved to be right. Not by showing what is impossible but by showing what is possible.

When the $500 Millionaire is suggested that something is true, instead of trying to come up with reasons why it possibly could not be true, he ventures out, tries it and personally comes to the conclusion that it is true or not true.  Now this does not mean you should go against some natural Laws to test this out.  Law of Gravity, Law of Motion, etc., these are some that I would suggest you not tempt but as far as advice from someone else that  bares the correct fruit (has achieved what you want) the $500 Millionaire strongly suggest you have some faith, take the advice, do it to the “T”, and then see the result.  I think you will be surprised how much you can achieve if you stop trying to prove everything wrong and just started trying to figure out how to make it work.

The $500 Millionaire has one major strength/weakness and that is his complete ignorance to what is possible and what is not.  He starts every goal he sets with a burning desire and a true belief that it is possible. I also know that every great success only costs is a bit of effort.  If I truly want to succeed in something, I am never focused on why it possibly wont work. why waste my energy proving it won’t work when I could use that same energy and prove it does work?

This is a paradigm that if you can switch it in your mind, the $500 Millionaire is confident that you will be able to see much quicker success in anything you try.  Not only will you see the results quicker but you will see the result in greater quantity. Try to prove why you can run a marathon rather than why you can’t.  Try to prove that you can get the job you want, rather than why you can’t.  Try to prove that you can reach whatever goal, rather than why you can’t.  It is SO much easier to logic out why something is not possible than to prove that it is.   As a mater of fact, trying to prove why something is impossible is similar to using excuses why you won’t do something.  There are things that are possible in life only if you are willing to fully believe that you will do it.  There are also things that are impossible in life that and this is just a paradigm.  Just because it hasn’t been done yet, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If you have any chance to change this paradigm and prove that is it possible you need to put all of your effort into somehow proving it right.

 As said before, you will be surprised what you can achieve if you stop trying to prove that it won’t work and put all your effort into trying to prove that it is possible.

Please pass this along to anyone else who could use this and feel free to share this to anyone who needs a little boost in this week’s To Do list.


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