How The Snooze Button Will Stop Your Success

Will power is the one thing you need in order to achieve any major success and it is a very simple concept to manage.  Without will power you are going to have to rely strictly on luck and luck does not have the odds I want when it comes to a major goal in my life.  The $500 Millionaire has a few tricks he has taught me over the years as to how to control my will power and NEVER use the excuse…I have weak will power.

So I guess the first question is what is Will Power?  Will power, although similar, is not the same as discipline.  In the opinion of the $500 Millionaire, both are very necessary to live a happy successful life.  Although they are two different things, one is needed to have the other.  In order to have discipline, you need will power.  To the $500 Millionaire, will power is the ability to stick with a preconceived decision.  With no will power you can not have discipline.  Discipline is the actions of following through with a preconceived decision.

The $500 Millionaire wants to point out that there is a key word in both of those definitions; PRECONCEIVED.  This word is so important in all aspects of life.  Without a plan you cannot be certain of any outcome.  The reason why will power is not an issue to the $500 Millionaire is because he makes up his mind before having to make a decision and sticks with that preconceived decision.  No person or situation is going to force him to change his mind.  It is amazing how many people have no will power when it comes to goals, money, relationships, health and really any other aspect of life that they claim is important to them.  It just takes a little bit of planning to keep these issues to a minimum.

According to the $500 Millionaire this lack of will power is not due to a lack of ability as much as a lack of planning.  People don’t take a second to make that preconceived decision before they enter a situation.  A great example is being faithful in a relationship.  For some reason this is such a major issue in our society.  It is like someone’s word means.  Even signed contracts don’t always hold up in today’s society.  Loyalty is a strong core value of the $500 Millionaire so as far as being in a relationship, cheating is just not an option.  It doesn’t matter what situation is, it is just not an option.  Since he has made up his mind, before there might be any temptations, when that temptation comes, it is easily overcome.

As far as kicking a bad habit (biting nails, Drinking, Smoking) or starting a new habit (eating healthy, working out. reading more), if you are going to do it, make that preconceived decision and just do it.  There are no questions, it is just happening or not happening.  You tell yourself you are doing it or you are not doing it and then you stay true to yourself.

Something the $500 Millionaire taught me as a simple way to test your will power is you alarm clock.  Do you hit the Snooze Button?  You guys all know what I am talking about.  You might set your alarm for when you should get up and when it goes off you smack the snooze button and think, “Oh just 5 more minutes.”  Well after five times and 25 minutes later, you now have 15 minutes to get ready and are rushing out the door.  Then you wonder on your way to wherever it is your going, “Why am I so tired…”  This is a bad sign and shows an extreme lack of will power.  I know, I know, some of you are going to say that you PURPOSELY do this because you like hitting the snooze button.  The $500 Millionaire actually laughed at that when he heard that excuse.  If you make a preconceived decision, stick with it!

In order to build a stronger will power, first start by making a preconceived decision that you will NEVER hit the snooze button.  You set your alarm and you wake up when decide the night before.  This is something you have to be stubborn about.  When you make this decision, you just do it.  There are no other options.  Keep that mindset in all aspects of your life.  If you want to work out 3 days a week, do it.  It doesn’t matter how hard it is in the beginning, you just have to stay true to what you promised to yourself before.  The amazing thing about the human body is that it adapts to habits.  We are creatures of habit and we also are the creatures of our habits, so why have bad habits.  Habits are not easy to break unless you made a decision to do it.  You need to have the will power to stay discipline.

The $500 Millionaire  wants to challenge you to make three decisions today on any goal you might have.  If it is to achieve something or to break a bad habit, just make the decision now and do not go back on it.  If it is to not drink, not do drugs, or be faithful to someone, make the decision now and do it.  If it is to work out every day, read every day, or be the first at work every day, make that decision now and do it.  Like most of the $500 Millionaire’s concepts, this is very SIMPLE.  It is basically make a decision and stick with.  How would you like it if someone said they were going to do something and then they didn’t do it.  Enough times of them doing that to you and you probably wouldn’t stay friends with them.  Stop Breaking promises you are making with yourself.

Even with it as simple as that, it doesn’t mean it is that easy.  If it was that easy everyone would be doing it and trust us when we say, very few people have the amount of will power to live a balanced, happy life.

Please pass this a long to anyone you know who this may help and also anyone you know who hits the snooze button in the morning.


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  • Lizz Cooper

    I get this, but it still comes down to the choice in the moment. That’s where I fall out. I make a decision to do whatever, and when it comes to the moment of truth, I either choose to do it or choose not to. I guess it’s “will power” that has us choose to keep our word to ourselves.

    If you’re like me, and occasionally fall out of keeping your word to yourself, how do you get more will power? (I’m looking outside of myself for the answer. I know it’s not there.) It’s all the choice made in the moment. This is something I want to change about myself…I want to keep my word to myself, and I don’t understand why I choose otherwise.


    • 500dollarmillionaire

      I agree that it is not easy. It is much easier to make that decision in the moment and every time I have done it, I tend to make the wrong decision 51:49% of the time. Will power is something that is found within you and i am not sure if you can find it from anyone else. I feel like a lot of people run into the same issue that you are seeing and it comes down to making that choice, sticking to it, and when that temptation comes. Accept that it is just an temptation but is not what decides your choice. Stay Strong. It is hard but t is worth it

  • isaiah coleman

    I like this because it relates to things that we all go through.


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