STOP WHINING–Responsibility vs Fault

It should be common knowledge that like is going to be full of ups and downs.  Successful people do not have any less shortfalls, they just handle them differently and tend to get much better results than unsuccessful people.  The $500 Millionaire tends to feel that there is a mindset that you NEED to instill in your head before you are able to really turn downfalls into complete success stories. Some people find fault as if there was a reward for it.

It is very easy to point blame when you are in a bad situation and it is just as easy to take credit when you are in a good situation.  Successful people take credit and responsibility when it is deserved, not when they want to.  If you messed up, excuses poor out of your mouth uncontrollably, on the contrary, when you do well, you tend to think it was strictly because of your actions.  This is not uncommon and depending on when you are reading this, you have already seen it or you will see it at some point today.

On concept that the $500 Millionaire wants to share with you is that it does not matter who’s fault it is, it only matters who Responsibility it is.  I wish I could write that over and over again and again but I do not think you would enjoy reading that.   This is a mindset you need to have in order to take control of your life.  In any aspect of life you need to understand that the word fault really means nothing because after all, the issue is only going to affect whoever is responsible for it.

Let me give you some examples.   You working with a group or partner and that partner has a responsibility.  Even if the partner messes up, it still falls on your shoulder.  If you are in a relationship and someone is supposed to pick up the kids, or something as small as doing the dishes, if it doesn’t get done, it really doesn’t matter who was supposed to do it.  Focusing on Faults is a waste of time.  The issue is that it is not done and it needs to be done. If you are at work and an associate was supposed to do something and they don’t, again there is no need to focus on whose fault it is because when it comes to solving the problem, it just doesn’t matter.  What really matters is whose responsibility it is.

Now this does not mean you should be ok with people not holding up their part of a deal.  That only happens once with me before the $500 Millionaire loose faith in that person.  If someone is not true to their word, then the $500 Millionaire does not associate himself with them. Truth, honesty, and loyalty is something that can only be broken once.  This is one way the $500 Millionaire makes sure he is never in that position.

If this was to happen to you, what do you do????  It is not your fault, you were let down, you expected and ASSUMMED someone would do something for you and now you are in a bad spot.  There are only two options you have.  You can accept the position that you are in or you can change it.  It is your responsibility to do this so you have to do it.  No one else can do it.  When the $500 Millionaire gets into a situation like this, he handles it a bit different than a majority of society.  Where as a lot of people will complain about the situation and give ALL the reasons why it is an issue, the $500 Millionaire will fix the situation, and then focus on the problem to make sure it NEVER happens again.  Fix now, ask questions later.

We need to take responsibility for what is affecting our lives.  Instead of pointing fingers, get your hands a bit dirty and start working out the problems.  Too many times, the $500 Millionaire sees people spend more time and energy on the problem rather than on the solution.  We only have so much time and so much energy so please “STOP WHINING” a start finding the solution to the things that are holding you down in your personal life, work environment, or financial situation, and FIND THE SOLUTION.

If you have someone who has a tendency to let everyone else know that there is an issue and why there is an issue without sharing the solution, then please pass this along to them.  If people in society spent more time and focus on fixing issues than saying who is to blame, we would be much better off.  Please pass this along to the 5 closest friends of yours and your relationships will change for the better if you all agree to live like this.


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