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How to have no “Box” to think outside of…


ImageHave you ever given a riddle to someone who is extremely “smart”?  ever meet someone with a high IQ but for some reason has issues solving real life problems?  This is a common occurrence where someone who is extremely book smart and logical has trouble with some illogical issues.  The more and more I experience life, the more I understand why the $500 Millionaire says, “Life is illogical so being logical can sometimes hold you back.”

Humans like to try and logic out every single thing that happens in their life.  They do this because they think they need to understand it in order to cope with it.  The problem is you cannot find logic to an illogical event.  From tragedies in our community to miracles that just don’t make sense, logic is not always there. It is like when you are trying to sell,  you use emotion to get the customer to want the product, and then the customer needs to rationalize the logical reason to buy.  How how do you handle illogical issues?  The $500 Millionaire suggests that you just need to understand that illogical things happen and instead of wasting your time trying to understand it, see if you can find a way to make more or less of it, depending on the scenario.  Some things just don’t make sense…Get over it, and get on with it.

Last night, on the way home, my girlfriend decided to drop another gem on me that almost made me stop the car (Guys, you would be amazed what we can get when we actually listen)  Her last gem was one of the most read blogs in the series ( so hopefully this will also help you.

ImageWe were on our way home and she said, “Successful people not only think outside of the box, but they do not even know the box exists.”  It was very simple but also profound. I loved that statement and the more and more I thought about that, it was SO true.  Real successful people, not just moderate success, but REALLY successful people do not even see the box.   It is not because the box is not there, but it is because the box has been stretched SO wide.  The success they get is not logical.  It is unrealistic and the way they reach their success is usually thought of as crazy to some people…until the reach the success. (watch this great commercial

The concept is easy to understand but again is far from logical.  This is not the only way to become successful but we are not talking CEO of a company successful.  We are talking change the world successful.  Gandhi, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs.  Google, Electricity, Cars.  These people and these things have changed the world.  To reach that success you need to be a bit illogical at sometimes.  You might not see it as illogical because when the thought process works, it is genius. When it doesn’t work, you’re crazy.

This is not a natural skill for everyone but it can be learned.  The $500 Millionaire always says that my biggest strength is my ignorance to what can and can’t be done.  The $500 Millionaire would also say that is not only my biggest strength but can also be my biggest weakness.  The $500 Millionaire has instilled in me that creative problem solving is all it takes to be successful but again, it is something that can be learned.

Like any skill set, the best way to learn it and master it, is to practice it.  The more you think outside the box, the larger that box gets.  As you do it more and more, that box will become almost infinite to the point where, like my girlfriend said, you might not even “see” the box. 

But what is in the “box”?  The $500 Millionaire says it plain and simple, the box is possible solutions.  When you are narrow-minded, or lack experience, or can only think logically, the amount of possible solutions you can think of on your own is very small.  The more experience you get, forcing yourself to think outside the box, the bigger that box gets.  Eventually the box will get so big, with so many possible solutions, that it will seem like there is no issue that you cannot find a solution.  That is when problem solving starts to get fun.

You need to be careful that while being illogical you are not tempting any natural laws of the universe.  If you need to know what they are you can look in any science book or bible (they say similar things about natural laws so whichever you believe .  There is a ton.  All we are saying is that being too logical when you are living in an illogical world will hold you back.  You need to understand that you cannot use logic to figure out illogical issues.  If you doubt that, next time someone is being illogical (Probably today) try to reason with them.  It just doesn’t work. 

 Here is a good exercise that you can do to test you ability to think outside the box. The First one is to try to draw a house with an “X” in it without picking your Pen off the paper.



The second would be to try to connect all four of these dots, with four straight lines, without picking up your pen


 Understanding these will help you understand how to get very good at Creative Problem Solving, the most important survival skill we have. 


Ya Down with the O.P.P…I am!

In 1991 Naughty By Nature came out with a song titled O.P.P and there has been quit a debate about what O.P.P. stands for.   According to the $500 Millionaire and his definition, he is Down With O.P.P.

Ya Down with the O.P.P…I am!.

Ya Down with the O.P.P…I am!


In 1991 Naughty By Nature came out with a song titled O.P.P and there has been quit a debate about what O.P.P. stands for.   According to the lyrics in the song, Naughty By Nature has a very clear definition and although the $500 Millionaire is not a fan, he has used the acronym (different meaning) in his own life.  According to his definition, he is 100% down with O.P.P.

The $500 Millionaire talks about O.P.P. regularly.  The way he achieves his biggest goals is by strictly focusing on O.P.P.  If he didn’t focus on O.P.P., then he would never hit the success that he has achieved.  I don’t think the $500 Millionaire was who Naughty By Nature though would still be using this acronym over 20 years later, but it is essential to success.

O.P.P, according to the $500 Millionaire, stands for Other People’s Profits.  This is something that is a key focus of the $500 Millionaire in order to succeed.  His goals that he sets are usually based off of others success; his employees, friends, and random people.  Instead of his company hitting sales quotas, he focuses on his employees hitting their goals and sales quota.  Instead of him achieving a goal, he finds a way for that goal to benefit someone else, and then works towards achieving that goal. 

ImageIf your goals look like most others, they have “I” in almost every goal.(F.P.P.-First person, Present, Positive).  If you were to look at the $500 Millionaire’s goals, he tries as much as he can to use other peoples names.  As in the example given above, instead of the company hit $X dollars in sale, he would write it that each sales associate hit the goal that was needed for the company to hit $X in sales.  That way he focuses on the employee and not the company.  If they hit their goal as a whole, then he achieves the goal he set out for.

Like most of the topics discussed by the $500 Millionaire, they are very simple.  It is not rocket science and it is quite elementary   When your goal is to help other people, you have a much better chance to get what you want.  You have heard the saying, the more you give, the more you get.  Yes, it is cliché and yes, it is TRUE.    The more you focus on how a goal of yours will help benefit someone else, the faster you will achieve it.

The reason for this is because now you have two or more people helping you get to that goal.  The people you are helping get their goals, also want to achieve it.  When you can set up a goal that by them achieving it, you achieve it…your golden.  Focusing on O.P.P will not work for EVERY goal but if you pay attention to the goals that you set, if they help benefit more people, the better likelihood of them coming true.

ImageKeep O.P.P in mind while you are working towards anything you do.  Understand that the end goal is to achieve something for yourself and that is not at ALL selfish.  The $500 Millionaire HATES when someone is considered selfish because of the level of success they have reached. If that achievement helps others it is selfless, if the achievement doesn’t help others it is just boring, and if that attachments hurts others, it is selfish.  Keep track of which goals you achieve this year and you will see, even if you do not mean too,  many of the goals that have been accomplished will have more to do with helping others.

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Achieving Olympic Goals!


I was reminded of a time when the $500 Millionaire and I both were watching the opening seen of the Olympics.   When we saw the Teams coming out of the tunnel you could just see the excitement and fear on their faces.  They have worked their entire life to get to this point and they are now here, representing their country as the BEST in the country.  Not only are they the best in the country, but now they are expected to prove that they are the BEST in the world.  Can you imagine being the BEST in the world at something…The $500 Millionaire knows how they did it.

While we were watching, the $500 Millionaire asked me, “Do you know the one thing that all of those athletes have one thing in common.”  I was thinking through my head what the answer was.; work ethic,  determination, skill, ability…?  I could not get it right.  He then said, “There is not a single realist on that field.”  That put me back in my seat a little bit.  It was very true.  There was not one single person who wasn’t thought to be crazy to have this audacious dream.  IT IS UNREALISTIC FOR THEM TO HAVE EXPECTED TO MAKE IT TO THE OLYMPICS.

That is one thing Successful people do. They are a bit unrealistic in their wants and goals.  They will push the limits and do things that are a bit crazy.  The ones who see success over and over again are the ones who are able to push the crazy limit without going over the edge.  When a successful person wants something, it is usually on a large scale scale and when they tell someone, they usually get the same reaction, “you really think you can do that?”

Wright BrothersIf you get these responses from people, it does not mean you are successful but you are thinking like someone who will become successful if you can actually take those unrealistic goals and turn them into reality. Remember according to the $500 Millionaire, and idea is just a thought without result producing action. It reminded me of businesses I have run and inventions I have created that I constantly got the comments of, “and you think that will work?” “How could YOU do that?” and so on and so on.  If you remember back when I wrote the piece about trying to prove things right…that is what successful people do once they analyze a goal.  Once the find out how they can manage risk VS reward and the true cost of the goal, then then prove it right. (

Understand that being a realist will only bring you mediocre and normal results.  Being unrealistic at some point in your life is what will get you where you want to be.  Not a single Olympic Athlete has gotten to where they are today by being realistic in what they wanted.  It was unrealistic for any one athlete to win as many gold metals as Michael Phelps.   It was unrealistic to run a mile in under 4 minutes.  It was unrealistic to think that the world was round.   Not all who try to achieve the unrealistic dreams will achieve them but ones who are too realistic and thinking too much “inside the box” have no chance to ever achieve that dream.

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