Achieving Olympic Goals!


I was reminded of a time when the $500 Millionaire and I both were watching the opening seen of the Olympics.   When we saw the Teams coming out of the tunnel you could just see the excitement and fear on their faces.  They have worked their entire life to get to this point and they are now here, representing their country as the BEST in the country.  Not only are they the best in the country, but now they are expected to prove that they are the BEST in the world.  Can you imagine being the BEST in the world at something…The $500 Millionaire knows how they did it.

While we were watching, the $500 Millionaire asked me, “Do you know the one thing that all of those athletes have one thing in common.”  I was thinking through my head what the answer was.; work ethic,  determination, skill, ability…?  I could not get it right.  He then said, “There is not a single realist on that field.”  That put me back in my seat a little bit.  It was very true.  There was not one single person who wasn’t thought to be crazy to have this audacious dream.  IT IS UNREALISTIC FOR THEM TO HAVE EXPECTED TO MAKE IT TO THE OLYMPICS.

That is one thing Successful people do. They are a bit unrealistic in their wants and goals.  They will push the limits and do things that are a bit crazy.  The ones who see success over and over again are the ones who are able to push the crazy limit without going over the edge.  When a successful person wants something, it is usually on a large scale scale and when they tell someone, they usually get the same reaction, “you really think you can do that?”

Wright BrothersIf you get these responses from people, it does not mean you are successful but you are thinking like someone who will become successful if you can actually take those unrealistic goals and turn them into reality. Remember according to the $500 Millionaire, and idea is just a thought without result producing action. It reminded me of businesses I have run and inventions I have created that I constantly got the comments of, “and you think that will work?” “How could YOU do that?” and so on and so on.  If you remember back when I wrote the piece about trying to prove things right…that is what successful people do once they analyze a goal.  Once the find out how they can manage risk VS reward and the true cost of the goal, then then prove it right. (

Understand that being a realist will only bring you mediocre and normal results.  Being unrealistic at some point in your life is what will get you where you want to be.  Not a single Olympic Athlete has gotten to where they are today by being realistic in what they wanted.  It was unrealistic for any one athlete to win as many gold metals as Michael Phelps.   It was unrealistic to run a mile in under 4 minutes.  It was unrealistic to think that the world was round.   Not all who try to achieve the unrealistic dreams will achieve them but ones who are too realistic and thinking too much “inside the box” have no chance to ever achieve that dream.

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