Ya Down with the O.P.P…I am!


In 1991 Naughty By Nature came out with a song titled O.P.P and there has been quit a debate about what O.P.P. stands for.   According to the lyrics in the song, Naughty By Nature has a very clear definition and although the $500 Millionaire is not a fan, he has used the acronym (different meaning) in his own life.  According to his definition, he is 100% down with O.P.P.

The $500 Millionaire talks about O.P.P. regularly.  The way he achieves his biggest goals is by strictly focusing on O.P.P.  If he didn’t focus on O.P.P., then he would never hit the success that he has achieved.  I don’t think the $500 Millionaire was who Naughty By Nature though would still be using this acronym over 20 years later, but it is essential to success.

O.P.P, according to the $500 Millionaire, stands for Other People’s Profits.  This is something that is a key focus of the $500 Millionaire in order to succeed.  His goals that he sets are usually based off of others success; his employees, friends, and random people.  Instead of his company hitting sales quotas, he focuses on his employees hitting their goals and sales quota.  Instead of him achieving a goal, he finds a way for that goal to benefit someone else, and then works towards achieving that goal. 

ImageIf your goals look like most others, they have “I” in almost every goal.(F.P.P.-First person, Present, Positive).  If you were to look at the $500 Millionaire’s goals, he tries as much as he can to use other peoples names.  As in the example given above, instead of the company hit $X dollars in sale, he would write it that each sales associate hit the goal that was needed for the company to hit $X in sales.  That way he focuses on the employee and not the company.  If they hit their goal as a whole, then he achieves the goal he set out for.

Like most of the topics discussed by the $500 Millionaire, they are very simple.  It is not rocket science and it is quite elementary   When your goal is to help other people, you have a much better chance to get what you want.  You have heard the saying, the more you give, the more you get.  Yes, it is cliché and yes, it is TRUE.    The more you focus on how a goal of yours will help benefit someone else, the faster you will achieve it.

The reason for this is because now you have two or more people helping you get to that goal.  The people you are helping get their goals, also want to achieve it.  When you can set up a goal that by them achieving it, you achieve it…your golden.  Focusing on O.P.P will not work for EVERY goal but if you pay attention to the goals that you set, if they help benefit more people, the better likelihood of them coming true.

ImageKeep O.P.P in mind while you are working towards anything you do.  Understand that the end goal is to achieve something for yourself and that is not at ALL selfish.  The $500 Millionaire HATES when someone is considered selfish because of the level of success they have reached. If that achievement helps others it is selfless, if the achievement doesn’t help others it is just boring, and if that attachments hurts others, it is selfish.  Keep track of which goals you achieve this year and you will see, even if you do not mean too,  many of the goals that have been accomplished will have more to do with helping others.

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