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The Purpose of Life is to Discover your Gift; the Meaning is to give it away!

The Purpose of Life is to Discover your Gift; the Meaning is to give it away!.

Life is as complicated as you make it, learn how to figure out what to do and when to do it.


The Purpose of Life is to Discover your Gift; the Meaning is to give it away!


images (1)People spend their entire life trying to figure out life.  The $500 Millionaire feels that is a waste of time because once you do, then what?   He feels you should not wait for that realization to come in order to have direction in your life but here are some of his helpful tips to figure it out.  The simple answer to this that the meaning of life is to live.  That is it.  But as always, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into this.  Life is as complicated as you make it and is much easier when you know what path to travel.   According to the $500 Millionaire, the purpose of life is to discover your gift and the Meaning of life is to give it away.


When I was visiting the $500 Millionaire one time, I was asked a questions, “Why are you here?”  He decided to ask me this RIGHT as I was getting on a plan to leave.  Needless to say I was confused as to  how to answer and didn’t think I could in the 30 seconds I had left with him.  The entire plan ride home my head was going all over the place trying to figure this out.

When I went home I spent over a week trying figuring why I am here and when I finally got the answer, life started making more sense.  Anything in life that was in line with my purpose felt good and was enjoyable.  Anything that went against my purpose felt bad and was uncomfortable.  This understanding of why you are here and what your purpose is has allowed me to see a clear path of where I should go.  When I am making a decision, if it alines, I’m in.

Again, by having a purpose gives you direction otherwise you are just drifting.  Drifting through life is the most dangerous thing you could do and is the fastest way to waste a life. Please read the Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill to learn more on this topic.  If you feel you are drifting, paddel to the side and relax until you can start going in a specific direction.  It doesn’t even need to be the BEST direction but without direction you are LOST!

The gift that you should be looking for is not just a gift that you were naturally given. Gifts are also things you have been taught or you have learned.  The $500 Millionaire told me about three stages in an entrepreneurs life that alines with this message.  He said that the first business you have you learn lessons,   the second business you make money, and the third business is the one you use to give back.  Basically you need to grow and gain knowledge first.  After you have the knowledge and can take the correct actions, that is when you can get the results you want.  Finally once you have proven RESULTS that these concepts work in your life, then, and ONLY then, can you actually enjoy the meaning of life which is to give that gift away.

There are some core principals that will never be broken which the $500 Millionaire calls “Truths” and he also told me, “there is no new fundamentals.” This concept is not new, just the way it is worded might be different   As you learn what works in life, your goal needs to be to master them.  AGAIN, The only way you have mastered them is NOT by memorizing them but rather by doing them and having the results to prove them as fact.   It is impossible to consult someone about something you have never done yourself.

Look back on things that really brought happiness to you and the $500 Millionaire would almost guarantee that it was a time where you were involved in helping someone else do something you really enjoy.  If it is being the coach of a team, raising a child, helping a friend, or being a mentor most of your happiest memories are surrounded by giving your gift away.

Take a second to REALLY start figuring out what you gift is.  Once that happens, Master it and have results that can prove that it not only works but also that you have mastered it.  At that point, life starts to be fun and that is when you can really start sharing it.


Forget Your Net Worth, What is your Life Worth?

In todays society people are stuck in the “now” but you need to understand that the “now” may not be important “then”.   In the “now” the $500 Millionaire sees people do all the wrong things for all the right reasons (then)… Take away all materialistic and monetary items, how much could you sell you life for?  What is your Life Worth?

via Forget Your Net Worth, What is your Life Worth?.

Forget Your Net Worth, What is your Life Worth?


In todays society people are stuck in the “now” but you need to understand that the “now” may not be important “then”.   In the “now” the $500 Millionaire sees people do all the wrong things for all the right reasons (then). Entrepreneurs and business people alike grow their business as large as they can “now” so they live a certain lifestyle “then”…sacrificing whatever they need to “now” for “then”.  The $500 Millionaire likes to ask those same motivated people, “If you were to sell your life to someone else right now, A) Would anyone buy it? and B) Take away all materialistic and monetary items, how much could you sell it for?”  Some things you might sacrifice “now” may not be available “then”.

One thing the $500 Millionaire has taught me is that after a certain point, money is a score keeper.  Your net worth really isn’t any more than just a number.  On top of that, unless you are the richest, own the biggest, or are the best…there will always be someone above you.  Again, this does not mean healthy competition is a bad thing but understand, the dollar amount next to your name or on the top of your portfolio does not determine if you lived a successful life or not.

As cliché as it sounds, happiness is the ultimate currency.   This is coming from someone who has been motivated by money since I was young.  The reason money is such a powerful thing is because of what you can do with it.  As we spoke about in the past blog Money is NOT the root of all evil, Money is just a maximizer of the true characters of the person who possesses it.  This is the difference between Rich people (focus on Money) and wealthy people (focus on Lifestyle). Which one are you?

Too many times people are doing the wrong things for the right reasons.  Husbands abandoning their wives because they need to work longer hours in order to make their family happy.  Mom’s taking work calls over dinner because they need to close that one deal so that they can provide for their family.  Parents missing kids events because they need to give their kids a better life than they had.  The $500 Millionaire wants everyone to know that the damage you are putting on your loved ones now might NEVER be returned in the future.

Again doing all the WRONG things but for the right reasons.  You life is made up many segments of time, and Time is the ONE thing in this life that you can never get more of.  No matter how much money you have or how successful you have become, up until this point, you can not get more time.  Make sure to NEVER sacrifice your life worth for your Net Worth

It is always easier to remember things in sets of 3’s so here are two different sets:

3 things to always focus on giving to your family and loved ones:

  1) Time, 2) Memories, 3) Traditions

3 Things that will ALWAYS limit your Life Worth:

  1) Regret over the Past, 2) Resentment and Envy in the present, 3) Fear of Failure

The $500 Millionaire did not get his name because he never focused on money.  Money was an important motivator in his life.  One thing he understood is once you make money, it becomes very obvious is not the most important thing in his life.  Profit is not necessarily meaning you are making large sums of money.  Profits is a means to the point of sufficiency.

I want to live a life worth writing aboutLive now like no one else so that you can live like no one else in the future.  Understand that Net Worth is not the most important thing in life and that you can have both high Net Worth and high Life Worth.  You need to make sure you are constantly focussing on each and not letting the focus on Net Worth totally over power the Life worth.  There may be days, weeks, or months that you need to dedicate to focussing on Net Worth but understand the Risk vs Reward factor of Net Worth vs Life Worth.  Next time you work those extra hours or you sleep at the office, think about what you are giving up on the back end.

For some of us, like myself, this is a hard thing to balance because we want so much out of life.  What I can tell you from speaking to the $500 Millionaire as well as many other successful people, none of them ever wish they could have a couple more hours in the office, or one more chance to close a deal.  All of them wished they had more time to spend with the ones they loved doing the things they loved to do.  Time is precious,  make sure you are frugal.


Leadership from Old MacDonald and his Farm


Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.  And on that farm he had some LEADERSHIP…Now stop singing and start reading!

Leadership from Old MacDonald and his Farm.

Leadership from Old MacDonald and his Farm


Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.  And on that farm he had some LEADERSHIP…Now stop singing and start reading!

Are leaders are born or if they are made? The answer is both. With the assumption that all leaders being human, they are in fact born but the $500 Millionaire feels that as people experience life, leaders are then molded and their skills sharpened.  Just because you have a dominating personality or have been given a “Tittle” does not mean you are leading.  The $500 Millionaire always reminds me that true leadership involves people.  If you think you are leading and no one else is following, then you are just taking a walk.

Leadership is similar to farming.  Farming is such a difficult business because there are SO many variables that can change the end result.  From things in your control to environmental issues that are not in your control, you need to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  The bottom line is  that you can not force the results of farming just like you can not force the results in leadership.

Like in farming, when it comes to leadership, the $500 Millionaire feels there are certain steps you need to take to farm successfully and naturally.  Also by farming naturally (no preservatives) your farm will naturally last longer and your output would most likely be of higher quality.  Natural crops are noticeably better in quality than un-natural, the only thing is it is a lot harder and takes much more time.


Both Farming and Leadership is VERY simple but just because something is simple does not mean it is easy.  The more complex you make it, the harder it is.  On a VERY simple basis, the steps to farming are as followed… you first set the field,  then you plant the product, in order for the product to grow, the farmer needs to give nutrients needed to grow.  Then the plant grows, it is harvested and the cycle begins.  If the farmer follows the first three steps correctly, the rest will usually happen naturally.

The farmer never has to tell the plants to grow.  The farmer never has to ask the plants to do anything.  The plants just do what the plants are supposed to do naturally.  If you take the time in begging to prep the field, plant the seeds, and the MOST important part, give the product the CORRECT nutrients to grow, they then will grow.

When was the last time you had to be a leader?  The $500 Millionaire sees people spending most of their time focussing on the end result.  Sitting there and wondering why they have to tell their people the SAME thing over and over again.  Most “leaders” think there is something wrong with the people they are “leading”   The problem is with the so-called “leader”.

Your time and energy needs to be focused on the first three phases, not the last three.  Each roll of leadership is different but the principal phases are usually the same so please make sure to insert what your example of each phase is

1)The Prepping of the Field- Making sure that you have systems in place for your people to succeed.  Making sure there is no issue with the soil is important for the life of the crop.

2) The Planting of the Field-Creating the right team.  Put the right people in the right spots.  Making sure they are put in a position where they can actually succeed and grow.

3) FEED–  You need to feed your people with whatever they need to succeed.  When you become a leader, your job goes from people working for you, to you now working for them.  You need to know what their needs are, if that is Water, Fertilizer, Sun Light, Heat…Guidance, Education, Direction, motivation…whatever it is you need to give it to them otherwise they will not grow.

By focussing on the first three phases, you will not ever have to worry about the results (Growing, Harvesting, Replanting), they are bound to come.  Leadership is a bit easier than farming because if you do the first three steps correct, you do not even have to do the second three.  Growing people is impossible if you focus on the end result.  Instead, the $500 Millionaire suggests for you to focus on the beginning and the early phase of development.  You put a strong foundation there, the Plants will grow themselves, just like people will lead themselves.

Thinking leaders are just born is like thinking vegetables just come from the Grocery Store (you may laugh but there are people in this country who do not know that Vegetables are grown on farms and thing the actually come from the store).  Remember, Leaders like Veggies, do not just appear, they are formed and grown over time. Creating leaders is not an event but a process that if done correctly can last a life time and if done incorrectly, could waste a lifetime.

Please pass this along to anyone you know who is having issues with growing and developing people (INCLUDING THEMSELVES).  You can not develop leaders if you are not a leader yourself.  One of the $500 Millionaire’s biggest joy in life is growing people.  It is the most rewarding feeling while working with someone.


Suggested Reading: Launching a Leadership Revolution- Chris Brady and Orin Woodward

 Suggested Action for This Week: Welcome questions as they will help you better  understand why you are doing what you are doing.  Understand that if someone is asking you questions, they are eager to LEARN.