The Purpose of Life is to Discover your Gift; the Meaning is to give it away!


images (1)People spend their entire life trying to figure out life.  The $500 Millionaire feels that is a waste of time because once you do, then what?   He feels you should not wait for that realization to come in order to have direction in your life but here are some of his helpful tips to figure it out.  The simple answer to this that the meaning of life is to live.  That is it.  But as always, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into this.  Life is as complicated as you make it and is much easier when you know what path to travel.   According to the $500 Millionaire, the purpose of life is to discover your gift and the Meaning of life is to give it away.


When I was visiting the $500 Millionaire one time, I was asked a questions, “Why are you here?”  He decided to ask me this RIGHT as I was getting on a plan to leave.  Needless to say I was confused as to  how to answer and didn’t think I could in the 30 seconds I had left with him.  The entire plan ride home my head was going all over the place trying to figure this out.

When I went home I spent over a week trying figuring why I am here and when I finally got the answer, life started making more sense.  Anything in life that was in line with my purpose felt good and was enjoyable.  Anything that went against my purpose felt bad and was uncomfortable.  This understanding of why you are here and what your purpose is has allowed me to see a clear path of where I should go.  When I am making a decision, if it alines, I’m in.

Again, by having a purpose gives you direction otherwise you are just drifting.  Drifting through life is the most dangerous thing you could do and is the fastest way to waste a life. Please read the Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill to learn more on this topic.  If you feel you are drifting, paddel to the side and relax until you can start going in a specific direction.  It doesn’t even need to be the BEST direction but without direction you are LOST!

The gift that you should be looking for is not just a gift that you were naturally given. Gifts are also things you have been taught or you have learned.  The $500 Millionaire told me about three stages in an entrepreneurs life that alines with this message.  He said that the first business you have you learn lessons,   the second business you make money, and the third business is the one you use to give back.  Basically you need to grow and gain knowledge first.  After you have the knowledge and can take the correct actions, that is when you can get the results you want.  Finally once you have proven RESULTS that these concepts work in your life, then, and ONLY then, can you actually enjoy the meaning of life which is to give that gift away.

There are some core principals that will never be broken which the $500 Millionaire calls “Truths” and he also told me, “there is no new fundamentals.” This concept is not new, just the way it is worded might be different   As you learn what works in life, your goal needs to be to master them.  AGAIN, The only way you have mastered them is NOT by memorizing them but rather by doing them and having the results to prove them as fact.   It is impossible to consult someone about something you have never done yourself.

Look back on things that really brought happiness to you and the $500 Millionaire would almost guarantee that it was a time where you were involved in helping someone else do something you really enjoy.  If it is being the coach of a team, raising a child, helping a friend, or being a mentor most of your happiest memories are surrounded by giving your gift away.

Take a second to REALLY start figuring out what you gift is.  Once that happens, Master it and have results that can prove that it not only works but also that you have mastered it.  At that point, life starts to be fun and that is when you can really start sharing it.



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