You’re Not Burnt Out, If You Have Never Been Lit

Workplace burnout illustrationHave you ever had someone tell,”I am burnt out,” “It is just too much,” or ” I just do not think I can handle it.” Well if you haven’t, you will, and when the $500 Millionaire hears that he usually starts laughing.  He takes no happiness in the other person’s misery but it is AMAZING to him how many people think they are “burnt out” due to “it being too much.”  If you think you are “burnt out”, the $500 Millionaire suggest to evaluate what you are doing to see if you were ever really “lit” to begin with. Once you are “lit,” it is REALLY hard to be burnt out. Remember, how can you be burnt out, if you have never really been lit?

People give up to easily and the $500 Millionaire still does not understand why.  As you have heard in past blogs, you only fail when you decide to give up.  The human body has an amazing ability to adapt to almost whatever you want to put it through.  This is very important to realize when you feel you are “burnt out”, really look back on what you are doing that is causing you to feel this way and the $500 Millionaire will bet you that there is a good amount of time you are wasting in your life.

Humans naturally thrive off of living a life of fulfillment   When the $500 Millionaire hits the bed for the night, he is as close to exhaustion as he can be and that is his favorite feeling.  The reason why is because he is constantly pushing his body and mind to do what needs to be done and more.  Being “burnt out” is strictly an excuse and a decision to admit that you are just lazy and choosing not to handle this issue.

download (2)The feeling of fulfillment is the same feeling of succes and the $500 Millionaire wants you to understand that there is NO FEELING LIKE SUCCESS…NONE.  The $500 Millionaire does not understand how they can be burnt out, but he is not.  The $500 Millionaire wakes up at 4 am EVERY DAY and works until 10 PM at night but he does not feel “burnt out.”  Marathon Runners, will run many miles a day when training and they are not “burnt out.”  Researchers push themselves and they are not “burnt out.”  Here is the Hint… SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DO NOT GET “BURNT OUT,” there is just not enough time.  Their fire, which they have decided to create, is so strong that it is just too hard to put out, let alone burn out.

The $500 Millionaire wants to make it very clear that there is a HUGE difference between being “burnt out” and being tired or in need or rest.  The human body has to sleep and has to recover from a days work.  Like I said earlier, when the $500 Millionaire lays down to go to bed, he is beyond tired because of EVERYTHING he has done that day.  When a marathon runner finishes a race, they are VERY tired but they are not “burnt out.”

Again, being “burnt out” is an excuse that you doubt your ability to handle something.  $500 Millionaire feels that anyone who tells him they are “burnt out” and need a break has a serious character issue that they can easily work on if they want.  What the $500 Millionaire has found that once someone use this excuse, it is hard to change their mind.  Again if they want to, here is how you do it.

Life is not easy.  It is stressful, confusing,  and tiring.  In order to fully live life, you need to take care of yourself.  Successful people not only work from long days but they also are smart enough rest in small amounts when needed so they can work at the highest efficiency at all times.  Some will schedule naps throughout the day, or a day where they use to recover from the week.  The problem is these people who get “burnt out” do one of two things.  Either they 1) are just lazy and use that as an excuse, or 2) they try to over load the body without properly training it and resting it.

If I were to ask you to run a marathon and you have not been training, it would be almost impossible to run it at a reasonable pace. (The guy Marathon who it is named after, ran 26.2 miles and then died…Learn a lesson from him) But if  you have pronely prepared,  you can do it.  Think of life the same way.  You need to know and understand that life is as predictable as it is unpredictable.  There are natural laws out there just like scientific laws that if you pay attention to them, you will have a pretty good assumption to the outcome.  Although we can not predict the future, we can use the past to forecast what is to come and understand; There are no new fundamentals.

burnoutYou know life is gonna be hard and for some of us, we like to bring on as much as we can so we can get as much fulfillment as we can,  You need to take time to rest your body.  Take time to reboot,  take time to get your day in order. and take time to re-focus.   If you were to live life, drifting by and just trying to play defense every time something comes by you, you will be “burnt out” but it is not because “its too much” it is because you did not take the time to properly prepare.

If you are “burnt out” it is no one else fault but your own.  You can not blame it on a work load because other people work harder than you.  You can not blame it on sleep, because other people have slept less than you.  The $500 Millionaire suggest people who think they are “burnt out” to keep a log of what they do Hour by Hour for the entire day.  Do this fo 4 weeks and you will be amazed with the amount of time you, if you are like most people, will waste.  This one is on you, and remember that you can not be “burnt out”, if you were never “lit.”  If you do not know if you have ever been “lit,”…you haven’t and you need to get to work.

Please pass this along to anyone going through a lul in life.


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