Aid Helps People Get Out of Trouble, Not Poverty


Everybody in society, wealthy or poor, goes through ups and downs, highs and lows, good time and bad times.  The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is their ability to manage their issues.  The $500 Millionaire has always told me that it is not about what happens in your life, it is about what you DO with what happens in your life.  Successful people make a decision that they will succeed no matter what the circumstance.  When they make their decision, they stay true to themselves even after the emotion of making this decision wears off and that is the $500 Millionaire’s definition of character    Truly successful people will not let themselves hit the level of poverty when they get in trouble and they know when they hit the lowest of lows only they can help themselves.

We hear about giving aid to those who need it.  We not only hear about this in today’s society, but since the beginning of time we have heard people speak about how we need to do more for the unfortunate.  Please understand that the $500 Millionaire feels that giving is one of the best parts of life and if challenges you to look at yourself to see, are you giving more to society than you are taking?  If you are giving more, good.  If you are taking more, please revaluate your lifestyle.  Also understand that this is not a political stance.  This is a stance against accepting failure as a reality and excepting anything but the best out of life.  Again, these two things are both decisions people have to make, and there is no aid in the world besides support and knowledge that will help make that decision.

Aid in this blog is defined as materialistic item (money, food, clothes, etc.). Aid does the exact opposite of help when someone has hit the level of poverty.  All aid does is help people who are in trouble, not poverty.  People in trouble might need to borrow some money, a car, ask for a favor, etc.  When someone is in trouble, the little bit of aid can help them pull themselves out of trouble.  The key part of that phrase that the $500 Millionaire wants you to understand is that all aid can do is help them PULL THEMSELVES OUT OF TROUBLE.  No aid of any kind will fix trouble without the person making a strong decision for it to be fixed.

Kool-aidWhen it comes to trouble, aid can help.  Someone looses their job, proper aid would allow their family to survive…WHILE THEY GO FIND A NOTHER JOB.  But aid can not fix that issue. All aid can do in a positive manner is give a bit of help for the person to then get back on their feet.  Any more than just the minimum amount of aid needed is not only unnecessary but it is actually a negative.  Aid is no different then a prescribed drug.  All the drug does is helps the body fight whatever issue it is having.  With too much of the drug you become addicted and reliant on it….IT IS THE SAME WITH AID.

Aid does not cure poverty.  In fact it creates more poverty.  Again, aid can only help trouble.  If your business is in trouble and you need some cash to help pay bills (pay roll, expansion, legal issues, etc.), all aid can do is help you work your ways through that.  If you are a bad test taker and you are getting bad grades, you can cheat and get a good grade but the second you do not have the ability to cheat, you are done.  When you are struggling to provide for your family, you can rely on someone else to help you, but then that person has complete and utter control of your life.  Anything they want done, will happen.  Because if not, you do not get your food.  AGAIN, aid is no issue when used in moderation but once you become reliant of aid, or addicted to aid as the $500 Millionaire says, it is no difference than any drug addiction…you can not function without it.

When someone is reliant on anything like that, no matter what the vise is, they are no longer in control of thier life.  The $500 Millionaire always reminds me that debt is nothing more than legal slavery.  The only thing worse then relying on someone for money is relying on someone for aid and the well being of you and your family.  You can survive without money, but you can not survive without the essentials in life.

Please understand that giving to charitable causes is one of the $500 Millionaire’s favorite things to do because when he donates to cancer research, the “aid” that he is giving is not going to cure the issue.  His “aid” is going to help someone the necessary resources to try to figure this out.  Giving is one of the best, and most fulfilling, things anyone can do, but make sure you are giving enough where the person is not relying on you and the person will have to take actions to eventually be independent of you.

There is a problem that it is becoming acceptable to being dependent.  People are actually made fun of and considered stupid for working “too” hard rather than looking for hand outs.  Companies are ok with basically being owned by their lender.  Students are ok with cheating to get by, and society is ok with being given things from others and allowing others to control their life.  Think about who is in control of your life.   Is it you?  Is it your lenders?  If so make a decision to change that.  Take control and start living the life you want.  Do not accept too much from anyone, but feel free to give as much as you can.  Remember, you can never give too much but taking anything you do not need or deserve, well that is just stealing.  The punishment though is not necessarily jail time as much as you are punished by loosing control of you and your family’s life.  Make your life, do not just accept it.poverty-no-accident


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