That’s not Special Sauce, That’s just Ketchup

People tend to consider their competitive advantage as some big secret that no one else could ever find out.   Those same people do not realize that their special sauce is not so special.  As a matter of fact, every special sauce created is made of only a few base ingredients.  Even more amazing is that there are some special sauces  that even when you know the ingredients, you still can’t make it as good as when the orginator made it.  Life is the same way in that it is not about the ingredients as much as what you do with the ingredients in order to achieve the results you want.

via That’s not Special Sauce, That’s just Ketchup.


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One response to “That’s not Special Sauce, That’s just Ketchup

  • John Granados

    I liked the concept of, “Ideas are a dime a dozen, but someone who can make ideas create a dozen dimesnow that’s impressive”. Did you come up with that?


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