Ok…sooo, I missed the mark a bit…

Ok…sooo, I meant to lose 20 lbs but it turns out I ended up gaining 25 lbs.  What happened?  According to the $500 millionaire this is not a failure.  It certainly is not a success but it most definitely not a failure.  What is it?  This is one MAJOR understanding that successful people possess that unsuccessful people might never be able to grasp.

Everyone runs into road blocks, not all successful people have a silver spoon handed to them.  In fact, even the ones that do, still hits these road blocks.   Since every one hits roadblocks, that can’t be what separates successful people from un-successful people, so what does?  It is not important what the road block is, but more how they handle the road block.

With this mindset it is possible to live a life where there is no such thing as failure.  Obviously with no failure, there can be no success.  The $500 Millionaire believes, there is no failure or success, just results.   The only way fail is by giving up.  Until you give up, you have not failed.  Remember, just because you gained 25 lbs doesn’t mean you failed, you just got a VERY interesting result.  Again, there are only results.

This reminded me of all the times the $500 Millionaire tells me, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people avoid.”  In this specific case I was talking to a peer of mine who was having some issues.  Like most, it showed that in order to overcome this issue, we needed to handle the results in a different manner.  Not just the easy way (Unsuccessful people) but the right way (Successful People)

Now to make myself clear, this peer has been extremely successful but was in a bit of a rut.  The $500 Millionaire had an interesting situation for the coach to imagine.  I had this peer imagine she was running. After the coach has been running for a while, out of nowhere, a huge wall comes out of the grown and is now blocking the path, What is the first thing you think?

Before you read on, imagine this and comment below on what is your first thought…

She started laughing and was a bit confused as to where this was going so the $500 Millionaire asked her what was the first thing that they thought. She said the first thing that was thought was, “Why is that wall here?!?”   As we talked she kept bringing up that they didn’t understand why the wall was there and kept bring everything back to the wall.  I smiled because I was thinking something totally different. I did not care much about the wall or why it was there, all I cared about was how to get around it.

It is that simple, successful people focus on the solution or the next step while unsuccessful people tend to focus on the problem.  There was a problem, a wall came out of nowhere and stopped your from being able to run (Move Forward).  Instead of focusing on the wall (problem)…let’s focus on getting over it (Solution).  Focus on the solution, not the problem.  To be successful you must understand that you need two things, knowledge (there is a wall there) and action (how do I get around this).  With the correct knowledge and action you will produce the correct results.  The question the $500 Millionaire does not want you to worry about what happened as much as what’s next?

The $500 millionaire is looking for people who can get the result and then ask what is next.  Successful people take time to celebrate their success but then quickly move on to the next step.  Failure is also present when you finally accept success and stop moving forward.  It is a simple formula but is it used by few.

Remember, there are things in your life that you can control and something’s you can’t. One thing we can control is our own actions.  That is about all we can control.  The rest is out of our hands so it is ridiculous to think we should put any attention to things we admit we cannot control.  Instead, let’s pull all of our focus on the solution we need, that way we can get the results that we want.


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