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Please Do Not Feed The Fears

F.E.A.R is the gateway emotion.  Every negative emotion originates with F.E.A.R.  If you do not agree, think of the last time you felt any negative emotion.  Anger, Sadness, Confusion, Lust, etc.  Any negative emotion starts as F.E.A.R and then takes a life of its own.  If you have read any of the previous post you will know the F.E.A.R is one of the most powerful emotions and is the second most influential emotion, outside of love.

Please Do Not Feed The Fears.


Please Do Not Feed The Fears


F.E.A.R is the gateway emotion.  Every negative emotion originates with F.E.A.R.  If you do not agree, think of the last time you felt any negative emotion.  Anger, Sadness, Confusion, Lust, etc.  Any negative emotion starts as F.E.A.R and then takes a life of its own.  If you have read any of the previous post you will know the F.E.A.R is one of the most powerful emotions and is the second most influential emotion, outside of love.

You will see the $500 Millionaire write F.E.A.R as the acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real.  That is all it is.  When you actually allow F.E.A.R to come over you, it is 100% in your head.  It might be from past personal experiences or it might be because of something read/heard about online.  It doesn’t matter where it comes from, F.E.A.R is nothing more than a set of thoughts that is powerful enough to make people do things they would have never expected.

According to the $500 Millionaire, F.E.A.R is the interpersonal thoughts and doubts of ones ability to handle a potential situation.  Please re-read that definition and make sure it makes sense to you and you see how ridiculous F.E.A.R is.  Think about times in the past when F.E.A.R has entered your life.  Usually, if you have the grit to overcome your F.E.A.R, you look back going, “Ehh, it wasn’t that bad.”

F.E.A.R lives outside our comfort zone.  What that means is the larger your comfort zone, the less space F.E.A.R has to exist.  To allow F.E.A.R to have less impact on you is to expand your comfort zone.  The only way to expand your comfort zone is to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  This will help handle it but it will not fix it…there is more you can do.

F.E.A.R is very strong but does not really exist.  It is real, very real, but it is does not exist more than just in your mind.  It is almost illogical.  F.E.A.R is an illogical emotion/thought that is similar to the one thing that will beat F.E.A.R 100% of the time.  That is FAITH.  When I say FAITH I am not talking about get down on your knees and pray as much as the true meaning of FAITH.  FAITH is the believe and confidence in something.  With FAITH, you do not need reason besides just a belief.  If you can choose your beliefs why would you choose a negative belief when you can have FAITH.  The way FAITH and FEAR are similar is that neither of them actually exist of have much logic behind them.  Having FAITH in yourself and in your life is something that will kick F.E.A.R out at all times.  F.E.A.R might come in but if you live you life with FAITH, F.E.A.R will never win.

To this day, the $500 Millionaire has F.E.A.R but due to his FAITH in himself and his ability to handle situations, F.E.A.R never forces him to make a decision.  FAITH is what he, and all other successful individuals, make their decisions on.  In order to have FAITH you need to be aware of who you are as a person.  Once you know who you are, you need to then know what it is you want.  At that point, you need to then know that you are able to do it and you are worth it.  Without self worth and a positive self image, it will be almost impossible to have true FAITH in your life.

A life with FAITH is much more fun to live than a life in FEAR.  The best part is either one is your choice…choose wisely.


The Bounce Back- The decision to Grow

The $500 Millionaire always reminds me that things left on their own, lead to decay.  In other words all matter on this planet has a life cycle and the second that item stops growing, it then starts dying.  Most pieces of matter (i.e. table or chair) do not have the ability to choose to grow or not grow.  Like the table or the chair, there are many items that once they are created, they have grown all that they can.  Humans, like all other living beings, grow throughout their life but humans have the amazing power of free will and choice.  When it comes to growth and living your life to its fullest, it needs to be intentional.  You need to intend to do it.

The law of intentionality is simple.  In order to change your life you need to change your actions.  In order to grow, you need to change what it is you are doing.  With such a simple concept it is amazing how many people are surprised when this law becomes a reality in their life.  It would be great if everyone got what they intended to get but very few  people are willing to do what it takes to actually achieve what they say they want.  Many people think that you just grow by getting to the next day.  That is not interlay incorrect but what a terrible way to live your life.  

As stated before, growth happens almost every day of your life but it is not always the growth that you want.  Unintentional growth usually leads to many mistakes and can be hard to manage.  Intentional growth leads to many experiences which are usually more enjoyable to manage. The key thing to remember here is that you will grow no matter if you are ready or not but the speed in which you grow and fully experience life is up to you.  Also remember that just because you grow does not mean you are successful.  Working hard does not guarantee success and hope is not a strategy.  If you haven’t already, read “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen.

We all have set backs in our lives and the only way the $500 Millionaire has been able to get out of those dips and valleys is through conscience effort towards growth.  That is how powerful and important growth is as a human, when you are not growing or unintentionally growing, most people feel frustration, doubt, and concerns.  When you are growing, and you in intentionally doing it, you will feel fulfillment, excitement, and satisfaction.  Some people do not grow intentionally because they don’t have the motivation.  Here is a simple solution if you are in this situation…just do.  Literally take action and just do it now.  If you need to find motivation, it is attracted to action.  You can trick yourself by just forcing yourself to do it.  It is hard to just tell yourself to be motivated and be ready to take on the world but if you need motivation, intentionally do the things you should do and you will start seeing that the motivation catches up and pushes you to the next level.

As I am learning this I am wondering what would cause anyone to NOT do this? The answer is simple but powerful… fear.  Fear to me is the worst four lettered word.  Each time I run into a situation where fear has affected my life, I am overly amazed as to what it will make people do.  The biggest thing it does is stops people from having that desire to grow.  Like we said, growth is going to happen no matter if you are ready or not.  If you are not ready for it you will not only miss opportunities but you could also lose things you never expected to loose.  Growth is a powerful part of life and when it comes to the fear of growth, the $500 Millionaire claims that if you do not control it, it will control you.  Intentionality growth is the ONLY way to keep fear out of your life.  

In order to control your growth, even before you over come your fears and doubts, you need to have strong self awareness.  Too many people go through life, not really sure who they are or what they want.  One quote that the $500 Millionaire loves about self awareness is, “If you are clear with what you want, the world responds with clarity.”  In other words you must know yourself to grow yourself.  Some people are even scared to take the time to figure out who they are as a person.  That was who I was prior to meeting the $500 Millionaire.  I was just wandering aimlessly through life and basically playing defense.  Once you REALLY know yourself, you will know what you want out of life.  Once you know what you want out of life you will be able to take the actions needed to get it.  Once you start taking those actions, you are now steering your growth.  Why live a life on a path you can not influence…

If you are feeling like your life is moving too fast or is just out of control, the $500 Millionaire would suggest to think about what the right things you need to start doing and DO IT NOW.  Do not wait until later.  Just start doing it and you will see that the motivation will follow and you will have a better handle on which directions you life will go.