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Is living a Good Life Really Full of Making Sacrifices

It is amazing to the $500 Millionaire how many people talk about the sacrifices as if they are a negative experience.  That term is used very lightly but in reality, what is so bad about some of the sacrifices you might have to make in order to have a good and healthy life.  It is like some of the past posts that talk about people who do all the wrong things for the right reasons: working late and missing your kids soccer game in order for you to have a better family later in the future.   That is not a sacrifice, that is just a bad decision that was caused by your own lack of understanding of what you want.  Most people will miss the game because they had to close this deal and in their insecurities, to give up an ENTIRE hour for this, just would screw the whole thing up.  AND if you would ask why they missed the game, they would have an excuse that they felt was reasonable. On top of all of that, they would break it down to just the “sacrifices” they have to make to give their family the life they want.

We we want you to know is that you do not have to make sacrifices to live a good life as long as you know what is a sacrifice and what is not.  “In order to lose weight I am going to make the sacrifice and stop eating junk food.”  “In order to be a good person, I am going to sacrifice my wants and put others first.”  Basically people call “doing the right thing” a sacrifice and that’s a sad realization.  Today a sacrifice is considered giving up a want or stopping a bad habit.  Basically to stop doing things you shouldn’t be doing or start doing things that you should be doing is considered a sacrifice???

Again, the $500 Millionaire feels very strongly that you should not live your life making sacrifices.  In fact it is impossible to LIVE your life if you are constantly making sacrifices.  That doesn’t mean not to work hard to grow through out life, but do not think of it as a sacrifice.  In order to not have to make these sacrifices, all you need to do is know what you want and where you want to go.  In order to do that, some people would say that you need to sacrifice some time and actually figure out what you want out of life.  Is that really making a sacrifice?

The $500 Millionaire feels that nothing is a sacrifice when it is for the right reason.  You are not sacrificing your time if it is to better yourself as a person.  You are not sacrificing you desires to stop smoking or drinking.  You are not making a sacrifice for stopping something that is not letting you grow.  Stop calling good decisions sacrifices or looking at the in a negative light, instead, the $500 Millionaire suggest for you to call them a step in the right direction…