Stop Looking for your Passion and Start Creating It

chicken in eggA gardeners job is not to let nature take its course.  In fact, it is the exact opposite.  A gardener’s role is to interfere with definite purpose to tend to the garden and assist nature to work in a specific way.  As stated in previous posts, anything left untended leads to decay and your life is no different.   Therefore the best way to “create” your passion is by tending to your life and assist nature to work in a specific way.

People naturally love and if they let it, can becomes obsessed with the feeling of winning and succeeding. Many people in society today would think of that as a bad thing but it is not at all.  We as a society have become “OK” with not winning or not succeeding.  I do not know when that started but it is not healthy for anyone.  Obviously winning and succeeding means something different to everyone but humans’ instinctual desires are to succeed and achieve. You can NOT have a passion and you can NOT be truly fulfilled without this. .

So how do you create your passion? The $500 Millionaire suggests to find something you enjoy practicing. Something you can do thousands of times over and over again and still have fun.  You look at some of the most successful athletes and it is obvious their passion is the sport they play but the $500 Millionaire is not sure it was always like that.  When Tiger Woods was a young kid, was his passion to practice on putting greens late into the night?  What most likely happened, was he started to succeed at doing it.  Hit hit the ball, it went into the hole, he received positive reinforcement…simple psychology.  He did it again and again and then he felt a feeling of winning.  Was he really passionate about hitting the ball in the hole?  The $500 Millionaire would argue that most successful people are not necessarily passionate about the task they do on a day to day basis but in fact, they are passionate about the feeling that action gives them.  It works in any aspect of life.  As an entrepreneur, we say we are passionate about building businesses.  In most Non- profit organizations, they say they are passionate about helping people.  As a religious leader they say they are passionate about their relationship with god.  The $500 Millionaire would also argue that all three of these examples, as well as countless other examples, all do different task but are hooked by a similar feeling of success, winning and achieving.

One thing The $500 Millionaire always like to hear is when someone finds a way to make their career line up with their passion but how do you do that?  Do you need to know you passion first or do things to find your passion?  Finding your passion is very similar to the age old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”.  I don’t have that answer but there are a couple of things I do know:
  • if you watch a random egg, you don’t know what will come due to multiple animals coming from an egg.
  • if you watch a chicken, you know an egg will come.

When you know an egg will come you can tend to the chicken to assist nature to work in a specific way to get a
desired result
. Stop focusing on what you think your passion could be (the egg) and start focusing on the chicken (the gardeneractions and experiences of your life).   Your passion is somewhere already in “your life” so stop guessing what it is and start creating it.  Find things in the past that have brought your a feeling of personal joy and accomplishment and keep doing them.  Find things in your life that you are REALLY good at and keep doing them.  Get Creative.  Creativity reacts best while a human is in motion.  Just start doing things in the general direction of what you want your passion to be and you will adapt as you move. Just start moving…

You will know when you find your true passion because you will start doing something that you can do over and over again in which no compensation, money or praise, is necessary for it to be worth your time.  Remember, purpose and passion are totally different. Purpose is what are you supposed to contribute to society and passion is the enjoyment you receive by being a part of society. Purpose is external and passion is internal.  If you want to feel complete fulfillment in your life, find something you can do that matches you purpose with your passion.


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