How To Get 32 Hours in a Day

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**Disclaimer: The $500 Millionaire (or anyone else for that matter) cannot give you more hours in a day.

What he can do, though, is teach you a way to get 32 hours worth of productivity in just a 24 hour day.  You cannot control the time given to you, but you can control how you use that time. The best thing you can do is wisely choose how to spend your time.  Time equals life.  Manage your time and you can manage your life.

Time management gets a bad rap as one of the least “sexy” self-growth topics.  But if you can become a master of your time, then you’ll become a master of your life and the $500 Millionaire thinks there’s nothing sexier than that!   He will show you how he masters his life by managing his time.  He wants you to understand one thing…you don’t have time to NOT do this.  Watch as he shows you how 30 minutes a day gives him an extra 8 hours a day, over the majority of the population.

Peak Performance Hours

The $500 Millionaire always makes sure he is working during the peak performance hours each day: 4AM-Noon.  Yes, he understands that there are a handful of successful people who do their work late at night, and that’s great.  But for the rest of us and the way the human body naturally works, the 4AM-NOON time-block is proven to be two times more productive than any other time-block in the day. If you are able to get 2x productivity during this 8-hour block, that would mean that you get an extra 8 hours to your 24 hour day, which then leads you to having 32 hours worth of things that you can “do”.

To Do List

To Do ListHaving a written out to-do list, not an electronic one, is a key element to mastering your life.  This not only keeps you on track but it really helps you stay accountable.  The $500 Millionaire is in the middle of creating an ultimate planner that you can use for this part of your life.  This is an item that we will be working on with the most impactful success program out there, Eagle University.  This program  has the best time management curriculum the $500 Millionaire has ever seen, and much of his time management practices come from what they teach.

Here’s how the $500 Millionaire’s “to-do” list works.  Write down each “to-do” task and cross each item off as it’s completed.  ANYTHING you need to do that day, big or small—it doesn’t matter, goes on your “to-do” list.  In the evening at the end of the day, you take that day’s “to-do” list and re-do it for the next day.  The $500 Millionaire will re-do his list before bed so that his mind is clear and can work throughout the night to rest and solve some of the problems he will have to deal with the next day.  Our mind is at work while we sleep, so sleep is a MAJOR part of time management…which we will explain further along.


time_management_matrixAt this point, your “to-do” list is just a bunch of stuff simply jotted down in no real order.  So, the $500 Millionaire turns these random to-do’s into an effective structure.  When it comes to time management, all we are really doing is managing our events.  The way we manage our events is by setting priorities.  So, the next question we should ask ourselves is, “what needs to happen when?”.  The $500 Millionaire sets his priorities using a proven system made popular by Stephen Covey. See link at the bottom of this blog for more on the Covey Matrix.  Structuring your to-do’s into a prioritized matrix is essential to maximizing your time and mastering your life…and will also be necessary for the next step in the $500 Millionaire’s time management system.

90 Min Segments

After he sets his priorities, the $500 Millionaire compartmentalizes his day into what he calls “time buckets”.  These “time buckets” are slots that repeat throughout the week for general categories of tasks.  For example, the $500 Millionaire populates his calendar on Monday-Friday with the following 90-minute time buckets: Personal Growth, Business Growth, Business Management, Team Building, Family Time, R&R, and Charitable. Typically, every Monday looks the same, every Tuesday looks the same, and so on.  The $500 Millionaire already knows what he will be focusing on at any given time on any given day in the future.

To make this work, you must put your tasks into the matrix mentioned above and then you take those prioritized tasks and assign them a spot on your calendar in the corresponding time bucket.  The $500 millionaire  suggests using an application like Google calendars for this process.

Filling in Segment in terms of benefits

When speaking with the Executive Director of Eagle University (, Maria Grasso, she explained that she writes her tasks in terms of benefits.

Maria shared a quick synopsis of how she uses this tool below:

First decide the benefits you want to receive. At Eagle U, participants know what benefits they want to gain by the goals they set during a goal setting session.  For example, I have a goal that reads, “I engage in personal growth for at least one hour a day, five days a week”.  The benefit I receive from engaging in activities that relate to that goal is that I become a better person.  One of my time buckets might read, “I am becoming a better person”.  This makes it harder for me misuse my time.

Basically going to Little Johnny’s baseball game might make it on your calendar under “family stuff” and you might skip over it if something else comes up.  But, if you had scheduled in that time as “strengthen my relationship with my son” it might cause you to stick to your schedule and actually be excited to reap that benefit.  Just like you are to write you goals in 1st person, positive, present tense, you should also fill in your time buckets the same way.

Getting good sleep

Sleep is perhaps the most valuable time bucket in your day.  The $500 Millionaire urges you to make sleep a priority.  If you are not fully rested, then every task in your day will be like trying to cut down a tree with a dull saw.  Sharpen your saw by making sure you are getting your 6-8 hours of sleep.  The WORST thing you can do is under or over sleep. Here are a few tips to make sure your body is working like it should during your most critical time bucket:

  • Do not eat 2-3 hours before you go to bed.
  • Re-write your “to-do” list before you go to bed.
  • Stop doing any work at least 1 hour before you need to fall asleep.
  • Do not fall asleep with the TV on.

Sync Digital with Paper Each night and morning

At night the $500 Millionaire suggests writing out your “to-do” list for the next day, as mentioned above, and then prioritizing your “to-do” tasks into the matrix.  Now, you will be ready for your 15 minute planning session the next morning, where you convert your matrix into your time buckets. This is when you will take what you have on paper and put it into whatever planner you use, whether it’s a digital or paper planner or calendar.

The key to getting 32 hours out of your day is simply management.  Time management is life management.  Manage your time and you can manage your life.

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