Why Self Growth Doesn’t Work Anymore

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Self growth is NOWHERE near as powerful as it once was.  The principles are still true but the desired outcome has changed.  It’s gone from an internal growth to an external growth.  Less focus on “who I am” and more focus on “who I appear to be.”  People are focused on appearance and focusing on what things they are DOING, WEARING, or SAYING, rather than who they are BEING.  When external things are your desire, you will always be let down when you get there.

Up until about 50-75 years ago, self growth has been based on improving character ethic.  Being a better person rather than just appearing to be a good person.  Now it has become more about personality ethic.  It is more about the human relationships and how to get what you want out of someone. How to get someone to think you are better than you are.  Basically, if you fake it, and fake it well enough, then others will believe it is real.  the problem, is when it comes to fulfillment of life, that is not enough.  That is such a short minded thought process that unfortunately fits so well in today’s society but the $500 Millionaire promises that if you go back to the basics of focusing more on WHO you are and less on what you do, it will be MUCH easier to get more of what you want for the rest of your life.

It is like people are starting to believe that magic is real.  Although the $500 Millionaire loves magic and is amazed during a good trick, it always comes down to the fact that it is a trick.  Some better than most but in the end, it is all a trick.  People are just looking for tricks they can do in order to appear as a better person.  Like a trick, this is very short lived and takes a TON of practice and effort to keep it alive.   If you were to ask ANY magician how they get SO good at the tricks they will tell you that it is hours, days, and years of practice.  They constantly have to practice to keep the world believing their trick is real.

Instead of being a Magician, the same effort can make you a Master.  Magic is not real but becoming the person you want to be and mastering yourself is possible.  The “magical” secret is it takes less time and effort to better yourself and just be you, than to constantly act like you are someone you are not.  Don’t trick people into thinking you are something. Instead just master being a better version of you.  If you show me your actions I can tell you what you believe.  If you fake those actions, within time, the cracks show and truth always shows through. Do not try to be who you want others to think you are.  If you want to be successful first it starts from the foundation and build you way out.  For more of this, please see the Click here to learn more about foundations taught by the 3 Little Pigs.

If you are not being you…you are just trying to hard at life.  If you want to live a simple, fun, and fulfilling life, just start being you.

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