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Don’t Let the How Slow You Down


The creative process has a specific process. The amazing thing is that all the way back to the beginning of time, “it” just happened and existence was created. Whatever you think “it” was is fine but “it” happened. “It” all starts from an idea but during this creative process the one question that never needs to be answered is “How?”  It doesn’t matter during the creative process because before that, “it” never existed so How can the How help you?

There are two stages of a successful idea that need to happen in respective order. The first thing that NEEDS to happen is the thought of the idea. This is based off of pat experience or expected future experiences. This is a process that the $500 Millionaire (5H$M) sees people not give enough time.

The creative process usually gets suffocated by the simple one word question, “How?”  If you knew that answer than you wouldn’t have to create the idea you just created. There are 4 W’s for the creative process and these are the only questions you want to ask yourself.  Who? What? When? Why?  Leave the How for later.

As you can see, “how” is not at all part of the creative process. Instead it is part of the implementation process.  Although the implementation process is important for the idea to come into reality it always comes second and the timing is extremely sensitive. If you jump on the though process of implementation before you fully let the creative process be flushed out, your results will probably be empty.

Don’t suffocate your idea. Understand that humans have an amazing ability to adapt. That is one of the STRONGEST survival abilities  we have on this planet.  When you continue to focus on the idea, the how will come. The 5H$M reminded me this past week that when you focus on the goal (idea) then the path is easier to see.

Pass this on to anyone who is blocked by the how but needs a bit more time to focus on the what, why, where, and when.


The Best Rejection Letter Ever Received

The Best Rejection Letter Ever Received.

Years ago I was working with the $500 Millionaire (5H$M) to get an internship/apprenticeship with one of the wealthiest people in the world.  After months of waiting I got the best rejection letter I have ever received.

The Best Rejection Letter Ever Received

download (1)Years ago I was working with the $500 Millionaire (5H$M) to get an internship/apprenticeship with one of the wealthiest people in the world.  It was such a long shot that when I brought it to the 5H$M, he explained to me. “I have NO IDEA if it will work but what the heck, lets do it.”  After reading a specific section of one of the TOP self growth books of all time, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, 5H$M pushed me to ask for a position that doesn’t exist.  After months of waiting I got the best rejection letter I have ever received.

When I first saw the package they sent as a response to my request, I was ecstatic.  Why would this organization take the time to send such a nice welcome package…there must have been a MASSIVE offer in the package.  When I opened it, the package was what I originally sent to them with a nice letter politely stating that there was NO WAY this was happening. Sorry kid.

Feeling defeated, I went to the 5H$M not knowing what to do next.

5H$M:”Who sent me the email?”

Me: “His secretary”

5H$M “What is the job of the secretary?”

Me: “To do what this guy needed.”

5H$M:”WRONG!  A secretary at THIS level has one job and that is to keep people out.  So many people are trying to get in, it’s her job to manage his time by keeping people out.”

At that time, I had NEVER talked to a multi-billionaire but I had a TON of experience speaking with  people like his secretary.  Basically, I did everything I could to get her as my “Mother Hen.”  I needed her to WANT to help me. So the 5H$M suggested that I do this by being humble and expressing what I wanted (along with multiple flowers and gifts) then she might be able to get me in front of the man who was nearly impossible to reach!

downloadRemember, the 5H$M always says that there is no such this and success or failure…only results.  If I would have taken this rejection letter as most people take rejection, I would not have had the amazing experience of working directly with this person.  By following the advice from the 5H$M I was able to go from being rejected, to working DIRECTLY with this person.  Through this experience and thanks to the 5H$M’s advice, I learned the power of persistence and the necessary desire it takes to go after what you want.  The 5H$M also reminded me that the easiest way in is not the only way in, and rarely is it the best way in.

Feel free to pass this one to anyone who needs to realize that “no does not mean no” when it comes to something positive that you desire in order to grow!

The Productive Procrastinator

The Productive Procrastinator.

It is like procrastination has become an accepted ailment that people now have…The $500 Millionaire defines procrastination as the complete lack of care, discipline, and desire

The Productive Procrastinator

images (3)It’s like procrastination has become an accepted ailment that people now have.  It’s almost like a worthy excuse.  “Well I just waited too long,” or “Sorry, I was just late”… but since when is that an excuse, let alone a worthy one?   Could you imagine the quality of life you could have with yourself, your team, your employee, your employer, or anyone you are in contact with if they did not accept procrastination as an ailment.  If they took it for what it truly is.  The $500 Millionaire (5H$M) defines procrastination as the complete lack of care, discipline, and desire.

download (9)The 5H$M has some thoughts to help procrastinators be productive.  The problem with being a procrastinator is that life goes on.  Even if you’re late, life is not waiting.  Most procrastinators are very surprised when they get into a jam or time crunch, but if you looked at their past ability to manage their time or priorities, you will see that it is very clear how and why they are in this situation.  Life goes on and time keeps moving.

Here are 5 steps to be a “Productive Procrastinator”.

  1. Acknowledge but do not accept.
    1. We all have a bit of “I’ll get to that later” in us but we need to understand priorities. Too many times people accept their own excuses not to get things done, rather than acknowledging the obstacle to getting things done and finding a way to make it happen.
  2. Figure out how it works.
    1. Each of us works differently so review how you have gotten things done in the past. Most procrastinators DO get the work done, they just wait to the last minute and do JUST enough to get it done.  No matter what they say, rarely is it their best work.
  3. Create a CONSCIOUS system for it to work in your benefit.
    1. TIP OF THIS BLOG!!! Everyone’s strategy is different but the 5H$M suggest to do one thing that will radically reduce you stress and increase your quality of work/life. Take ANY deadline that you EVER have, and move it up 24 hours.  The 5H$M calls this the “Day Before Deadline” If you have a paper due, bill due, proposal due, etc…it is very simple, move it up a day.  If it is due on Tuesday, it needs to be 100% complete by Monday.  If it is due on Monday, get it done on Friday so you don’t have to worry about it over the weekend.
  4. Use this system to start gaining positive results.
    1. Once you start gaining positive results over and over again, then your subconscious mine will start doing this on its own.
    1. Repetition is the only thing that makes conscious effort into subconscious results

images (4)Nothing in this blog is mind blowing or earth shattering.  This is something that can make your life stress free.  We talked in past blogs about time management and it comes down to making a decision.  When it comes to making a decision, the 5H$M wants you to know that being INTERESTED is not strong enough.  The 5H$M suggests that you NEED to be COMMITTED instead.  When you are COMMITTED, you will do whatever it takes.  When you are INTERESTED, you will do what is convenient.

If there is one tip the 5H$M would want you to take away outside of the “day before deadline,” is to stop just being interested in you life and start being committed.