The Best Rejection Letter Ever Received

download (1)Years ago I was working with the $500 Millionaire (5H$M) to get an internship/apprenticeship with one of the wealthiest people in the world.  It was such a long shot that when I brought it to the 5H$M, he explained to me. “I have NO IDEA if it will work but what the heck, lets do it.”  After reading a specific section of one of the TOP self growth books of all time, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, 5H$M pushed me to ask for a position that doesn’t exist.  After months of waiting I got the best rejection letter I have ever received.

When I first saw the package they sent as a response to my request, I was ecstatic.  Why would this organization take the time to send such a nice welcome package…there must have been a MASSIVE offer in the package.  When I opened it, the package was what I originally sent to them with a nice letter politely stating that there was NO WAY this was happening. Sorry kid.

Feeling defeated, I went to the 5H$M not knowing what to do next.

5H$M:”Who sent me the email?”

Me: “His secretary”

5H$M “What is the job of the secretary?”

Me: “To do what this guy needed.”

5H$M:”WRONG!  A secretary at THIS level has one job and that is to keep people out.  So many people are trying to get in, it’s her job to manage his time by keeping people out.”

At that time, I had NEVER talked to a multi-billionaire but I had a TON of experience speaking with  people like his secretary.  Basically, I did everything I could to get her as my “Mother Hen.”  I needed her to WANT to help me. So the 5H$M suggested that I do this by being humble and expressing what I wanted (along with multiple flowers and gifts) then she might be able to get me in front of the man who was nearly impossible to reach!

downloadRemember, the 5H$M always says that there is no such this and success or failure…only results.  If I would have taken this rejection letter as most people take rejection, I would not have had the amazing experience of working directly with this person.  By following the advice from the 5H$M I was able to go from being rejected, to working DIRECTLY with this person.  Through this experience and thanks to the 5H$M’s advice, I learned the power of persistence and the necessary desire it takes to go after what you want.  The 5H$M also reminded me that the easiest way in is not the only way in, and rarely is it the best way in.

Feel free to pass this one to anyone who needs to realize that “no does not mean no” when it comes to something positive that you desire in order to grow!


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