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The Purpose of Life is to Discover your Gift; the Meaning is to give it away!

500 Dollar Millionaire

images (1)People spend their entire life trying to figure out life.  The $500 Millionaire feels that is a waste of time because once you do, then what?   He feels you should not wait for that realization to come in order to have direction in your life but here are some of his helpful tips to figure it out.  The simple answer to this that the meaning of life is to live.  That is it.  But as always, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into this.  Life is as complicated as you make it and is much easier when you know what path to travel.   According to the $500 Millionaire, the purpose of life is to discover your gift and the Meaning of life is to give it away.

When I was visiting the $500 Millionaire one time, I was asked a questions, “Why are you here?”  He decided to ask me this…

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