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The Productive Procrastinator

The Productive Procrastinator.

It is like procrastination has become an accepted ailment that people now have…The $500 Millionaire defines procrastination as the complete lack of care, discipline, and desire


How To Get 32 Hours in a Day

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How To Get 32 Hours in a Day.

Please Do Not Feed The Fears

F.E.A.R is the gateway emotion.  Every negative emotion originates with F.E.A.R.  If you do not agree, think of the last time you felt any negative emotion.  Anger, Sadness, Confusion, Lust, etc.  Any negative emotion starts as F.E.A.R and then takes a life of its own.  If you have read any of the previous post you will know the F.E.A.R is one of the most powerful emotions and is the second most influential emotion, outside of love.

Please Do Not Feed The Fears.

Please Do Not Feed The Fears


F.E.A.R is the gateway emotion.  Every negative emotion originates with F.E.A.R.  If you do not agree, think of the last time you felt any negative emotion.  Anger, Sadness, Confusion, Lust, etc.  Any negative emotion starts as F.E.A.R and then takes a life of its own.  If you have read any of the previous post you will know the F.E.A.R is one of the most powerful emotions and is the second most influential emotion, outside of love.

You will see the $500 Millionaire write F.E.A.R as the acronym: False Evidence Appearing Real.  That is all it is.  When you actually allow F.E.A.R to come over you, it is 100% in your head.  It might be from past personal experiences or it might be because of something read/heard about online.  It doesn’t matter where it comes from, F.E.A.R is nothing more than a set of thoughts that is powerful enough to make people do things they would have never expected.

According to the $500 Millionaire, F.E.A.R is the interpersonal thoughts and doubts of ones ability to handle a potential situation.  Please re-read that definition and make sure it makes sense to you and you see how ridiculous F.E.A.R is.  Think about times in the past when F.E.A.R has entered your life.  Usually, if you have the grit to overcome your F.E.A.R, you look back going, “Ehh, it wasn’t that bad.”

F.E.A.R lives outside our comfort zone.  What that means is the larger your comfort zone, the less space F.E.A.R has to exist.  To allow F.E.A.R to have less impact on you is to expand your comfort zone.  The only way to expand your comfort zone is to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  This will help handle it but it will not fix it…there is more you can do.

F.E.A.R is very strong but does not really exist.  It is real, very real, but it is does not exist more than just in your mind.  It is almost illogical.  F.E.A.R is an illogical emotion/thought that is similar to the one thing that will beat F.E.A.R 100% of the time.  That is FAITH.  When I say FAITH I am not talking about get down on your knees and pray as much as the true meaning of FAITH.  FAITH is the believe and confidence in something.  With FAITH, you do not need reason besides just a belief.  If you can choose your beliefs why would you choose a negative belief when you can have FAITH.  The way FAITH and FEAR are similar is that neither of them actually exist of have much logic behind them.  Having FAITH in yourself and in your life is something that will kick F.E.A.R out at all times.  F.E.A.R might come in but if you live you life with FAITH, F.E.A.R will never win.

To this day, the $500 Millionaire has F.E.A.R but due to his FAITH in himself and his ability to handle situations, F.E.A.R never forces him to make a decision.  FAITH is what he, and all other successful individuals, make their decisions on.  In order to have FAITH you need to be aware of who you are as a person.  Once you know who you are, you need to then know what it is you want.  At that point, you need to then know that you are able to do it and you are worth it.  Without self worth and a positive self image, it will be almost impossible to have true FAITH in your life.

A life with FAITH is much more fun to live than a life in FEAR.  The best part is either one is your choice…choose wisely.


Effort Pays Off…When used correctly

effort-rockThe $500 Millionaire constantly says that life is about getting results and this is true. But how do you get the results you want? Results come from persistently taking the correct action but make sure you never devalue the effort.  If used correctly, effort is what helps show you what the correct actions are. In other words, effort will pay off…when used correctly.

Countless people try to accomplish things but few actually do.  They might even work hours and hours on achieving that goal but if they are not taking the correct efforts, then it is a waste of time.  If you are trying to achieve a goal, you need to evaluate your efforts and see what results they are creating.  By doing this, you can take little steps toward the goal which eventually will get you on track to achieve the goal.  The key thing is that you need to analyze your efforts and see what works and more importantly, what doesn’t work.  Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Many people approach the $500 Millionaire for help because they think they are doing “EVERYTHING” right and trying really hard but not getting what they want.  Sometimes they will even say that they are copying someone else who has achieved what they want but they still are not getting the desired results.  The first thing the $500 Millionaire tells these people is to evaluate their effort to make sure they are really doing “EVERYTHING” right.  See, you can be saying the right words but having the wrong presentation.  You can eat healthy, but eating the wrong way. You can be working out, but doing the wrong work out.  It is not always what you are doing but how you are doing it.  The $500 Millionaire has come to find that it is very simple to see.   You can tell if you are truly doing EVERYTHING right because you will be getting the results you want.

If you are in sales and you think you are doing everything right but your not making money, re-evaluate your efforts because I can almost guarantee you, you are doing something wrong.  If you are trying to loose weight and you think you are doing everything right but are not getting the results you want, re-evaluate your efforts because I can almost guarantee you, you are doing something wrong.  Goals are simple.  There are universal laws of success that if you follow you will achieve.   People make goals difficult and it is impossible to achieve any goal when you start putting blame ANYWHERE else but on you.  The $500 Millionaire NEVER feels bad for anyone who does not achieve a goal because the only way to not achieve a goal is to give up. Giving up is an individual’s choice.
Understand that 90% of the reason why you are not achieving whatever success you want is because your efforts are either not enough or they are incorrect.  If the result is not correct, then you need to change your approach. There are
only two ways to fix this.  The first is by trial an error, which could take a lifetime.  The other is to ask someone who has achieved what you want to help analyze your efforts.  That could be a Boss, a Mentor, a Teacher, a Parent, a peer etc. Anyone from the outside, looking in, would help you re-direct your efforts so you can get the results you want.


It is sad when the $500 Millionaire sees someone put blame on everything and everyone else (things they can not control) rather than look internally at their own efforts.  Again, 90% of people that do not achieve their goal are not putting in the correct effort.  If you are struggling with achieving a goal, making a sale, making a grade, loosing weight, etc. look at the actions and efforts you are putting towards that goal and I think you will see that it is not the system or the goal that is the issue but the issue is your effort.  Do not be fooled by this and do not be discouraged by this.  Pay attention to the results you are achieving from the efforts you are giving and you will know what works.  Failure does not exist until you bring it to existence.

Capitolism Without Bankrupcy Is Like Christianity Without Hell

failure11This is a simple concept that you should be able to understand from the title but the $500 Millionaire always explains how important the ability to fail is in any free market system.  Imagine what would happen in our society if there were not negative outcomes, punishments, or penalties associated with peoples actions.  That is when ethics is thrown out the window and people would be able to do whatever they want with absolutely NO care about how it affects anyone else.  This is what has started our country on a downward slope.


This is similar to a past post but you can see exactly what happens when we are scared to let any child fail.  Children need to understand that they can fail if they do not do what is necessary to succeed.  Intramural sports are scared to tell the kids that they did not win even though it is obvious that the other team scored 20 more points.  We need to step into reality and understand that there are winners and there are looser.  This is the only time you will ever hear the $500 Millionaire that we need to have a Equal Opportunity Act (the definition alone is judgmental) .  The $500 Millionaire would LOVE to see everyone have an equal and fair opportunity to FAIL.  It is impossible to give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed   If we would allow everyone an equal opportunity to FAIL, the $500 Millionaire would be confident that there will be much fewer failures and much more success all through out our country.

With the ability to fail and being held responsible for our actions, companies would HAVE to be ethical (do what is right) in fear of losing both employees and customers.  Politicians would have to be ethical (do what is right) in fear of loosing reelection.  Employees would have to be ethical (do what is right) in order to keep their job,  Students would have to be ethical (do what is right) in order to pass the class.

It is almost impossible to remove a politician who is not doing their job if they can grant wishes for the right supporters.  It is almost impossible for a student to fail in school even if they do NOTHING to allow them to pass.  Recently, firing an employee for inability to complete necessary tasks is not a good enough reason to let people go?!?!?!  From bail out to bail out it is almost impossible for any company, as long as they are big enough, to get away with things that would never be considered ethical (what is right)

successkidBankruptcy is a brilliant concept which basically stops a company for getting out of control.  It basically causes a company to admit defeat and re-evaluate its strategy.  As well as in religion.  If there was no hell, then there would be not punishment for anyone who does not live the life according to the rule of god.  The $500 Millionaire does not want to see people fail but wants failure to always be a possibility. Failing is a major part of life that society is trying to get rid of.  Without failure, there can be no success and with out success, would life be worth living?o bail out any company, as long as they are big enough, can not fail.  Our society will not let it.  Forget taxing the rich, force them to have the equal opportunity to fail…most of them will still succeed but the true “evil rich” will fail


Don’t Judge A Fish By Its Ability To Fly- Revised AGAIN!

Your disadvantage is really your advantage

Don’t Judge A Fish By Its Ability To Fly- Revised AGAIN!.