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Don’t Let the How Slow You Down


The creative process has a specific process. The amazing thing is that all the way back to the beginning of time, “it” just happened and existence was created. Whatever you think “it” was is fine but “it” happened. “It” all starts from an idea but during this creative process the one question that never needs to be answered is “How?”  It doesn’t matter during the creative process because before that, “it” never existed so How can the How help you?

There are two stages of a successful idea that need to happen in respective order. The first thing that NEEDS to happen is the thought of the idea. This is based off of pat experience or expected future experiences. This is a process that the $500 Millionaire (5H$M) sees people not give enough time.

The creative process usually gets suffocated by the simple one word question, “How?”  If you knew that answer than you wouldn’t have to create the idea you just created. There are 4 W’s for the creative process and these are the only questions you want to ask yourself.  Who? What? When? Why?  Leave the How for later.

As you can see, “how” is not at all part of the creative process. Instead it is part of the implementation process.  Although the implementation process is important for the idea to come into reality it always comes second and the timing is extremely sensitive. If you jump on the though process of implementation before you fully let the creative process be flushed out, your results will probably be empty.

Don’t suffocate your idea. Understand that humans have an amazing ability to adapt. That is one of the STRONGEST survival abilities  we have on this planet.  When you continue to focus on the idea, the how will come. The 5H$M reminded me this past week that when you focus on the goal (idea) then the path is easier to see.

Pass this on to anyone who is blocked by the how but needs a bit more time to focus on the what, why, where, and when.


STOP WHINING–Responsibility vs Fault

It should be common knowledge that like is going to be full of ups and downs.  Successful people do not have any less shortfalls, they just handle them differently and tend to get much better results than unsuccessful people.  The $500 Millionaire tends to feel that there is a mindset that you NEED to instill in your head before you are able to really turn downfalls into complete success stories. Some people find fault as if there was a reward for it.

STOP WHINING–Responsibility vs Fault.

How To Solve Long Bathroom Lines

While at Oktoberfest in Germany we were amazed at how long the bathroom lines are. Everything was SO efficient except for the bathroom lines. By logic given to me by my girlfriend, we may be able to stop this international dilemma that is unnecessarily long lines in pubic bathrooms. All you need to remember to help end this tragedy is my girlfriends saying, “Leaders Flush”

via How To Solve Long Bathroom Lines.

How To Solve Long Bathroom Lines


I am writing this on a plan ride home from Germany where a group of friends and I went to celebrate Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is one of the largest two-week celebrations in the world. We just went for the opening weekend but we were all amazed at how well managed the crowds as well as service was with all the celebrating patrons. On thing that amazed me the most were the lines for the Bathrooms. Everything was SO efficient except for the bathroom lines. By logic given to me by my girlfriend, we may be able to stop this international dilemma that is unnecessarily long lines in pubic bathrooms. All you need to remember to help end this tragedy is my girlfriends saying, “Leaders Flush”

Before I get started in the Leaders Flush concept, guys, if you’re in a relationship, even though we rarely want to hear anyone’s opinion, make sure you ask your girlfriend. Talk about a difference of opinion. I have been saved multiple times from making a bad/dumb decision just because I asked my girlfriend. Girls this is not that we need to ask for permission but we should ask for opinion and actually listen. Even in business decisions that my girlfriend has NO experience, I could comfortably say when she has a “weird feeling” about something, she is about 90% correct.

Anyway, back to “Leaders Flush”, the $500 Millionaire always stresses that it is sometimes the simplest things that need to be done in order to achieve success. My girlfriend informed me that one of the main causes of why the lines of the women’s restrooms are so long has a lot to do with women choosing not to use a stall if it is dirty. I mean even the slightest look of use could have a women wait for the next available stall. EVEN a small peace of toilet paper in the toilet, most females will opt to not use that stall.

Guys, we are no better, first thing I thought was how ridiculous that was and how guys would not do that…WRONG. If a toilet looks like it has been used or is not in pristine shape, it turns out we opt out of that stall. THAT IS NUTS. All you have to do is flush. Simple solution to stop a massive problem and we still choose to wait.

So where does this lesson relate to life, success, and all the other concepts the $500 Millionaire has taught us, well it is simple… “Leaders Flush.” That is it. Leaders are willing to do the things that most people don’t want to do. On of my favorite lines on successful people is, “Successful people do what unsuccessful people avoid.” Leaders are willing to do the less glamorous work, so the rest of the operation can succeed. If a leader sees trash on the ground, even as a customer, true leaders will pick it up. It is the little things that leaders always have NO PROBLEMS DOING.Image

A leader is willing to flush. A leader does not wait for someone else to handle the problem; a leader just does it. The only goal of a true leader is the over all success of the team or operation.

It is amazing that this simple concept is such a major cause of many issues in today’s society. The $500 Millionaire for years has been saying that people need to just take responsibility for them. The book “I Can Fix America” by David Duley, shows 52 ways individuals can really start helping out by just taking responsibility. I might suggest he adds flushing the toilet in the revised copy. Leaders are willing to do the right thing when it needs to be done, whether they want to or not. The $500 Millionaire is certain that if people had more self-responsibility and spent less time waiting for someone else to take action, we would be in a much better place.

Everyone is spending more time complaining, or waiting to use a clean toilette, instead of taking actions to get desired outcome. When I told the $500 Millionaire about my girlfriend’s brilliant revelation, he loved that even such a simple example is so applicable.

This is challenge to all of you leaders from myself, the $500 Millionaire, and my girlfriend, you should no longer stand for the long bathroom lines. Like flushing a toilet, be willing to do the not so glamorous things in your life if it helps you, your team, or your family get closer to the end goal. Be willing to be a leader. Something as simple as flushing a toilet can do wonders for the people behind you. Or going into a stall and all it needs is to be flushed and it can be used. Be willing to do those little things. Pick up a piece of paper if it is on the floor, help someone if they need help, and do what needs to be done; not just what wants to be done.

ImageRemember this next time you are at an event and there is a long line at the bathrooms. Be a leader, help the cause and flush so the stalls can be used. Together we can stop this global problem by individuals taking responsibility. Please share this with 10 of your closest friends and together we can end this tragic event. Send this to 10 of your friends who have experienced longer than necessary lines for the bathroom and the world could be much more efficient. The $500 Millionaire feels that if we can get 1000 followers of this blog and 1000 likes of this post than maybe we can help end the long bathroom lines are public events.