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Don’t Let the How Slow You Down


The creative process has a specific process. The amazing thing is that all the way back to the beginning of time, “it” just happened and existence was created. Whatever you think “it” was is fine but “it” happened. “It” all starts from an idea but during this creative process the one question that never needs to be answered is “How?”  It doesn’t matter during the creative process because before that, “it” never existed so How can the How help you?

There are two stages of a successful idea that need to happen in respective order. The first thing that NEEDS to happen is the thought of the idea. This is based off of pat experience or expected future experiences. This is a process that the $500 Millionaire (5H$M) sees people not give enough time.

The creative process usually gets suffocated by the simple one word question, “How?”  If you knew that answer than you wouldn’t have to create the idea you just created. There are 4 W’s for the creative process and these are the only questions you want to ask yourself.  Who? What? When? Why?  Leave the How for later.

As you can see, “how” is not at all part of the creative process. Instead it is part of the implementation process.  Although the implementation process is important for the idea to come into reality it always comes second and the timing is extremely sensitive. If you jump on the though process of implementation before you fully let the creative process be flushed out, your results will probably be empty.

Don’t suffocate your idea. Understand that humans have an amazing ability to adapt. That is one of the STRONGEST survival abilities  we have on this planet.  When you continue to focus on the idea, the how will come. The 5H$M reminded me this past week that when you focus on the goal (idea) then the path is easier to see.

Pass this on to anyone who is blocked by the how but needs a bit more time to focus on the what, why, where, and when.


What You REALLY learn from the 3 Little Pigs


The $500 Millionaire has offered me a concept that has changed his life as well as mine.  This is such a simple concept but has a HUGE correlation with the overall success of someone.  Not just an entrepreneur but anyone who is looking to better their life and move to that next level.  The problem is a large majority of people seem to build their success on a house of cards.  Fortunately we know of 3 Little Pigs that can help explain why it imperative to have a strong foundation on which to build your success and that a house of cards, with a little wind, will fall fast.

The $500 Millionaire feels that you are the most important person in your life.  That is not in an over the top philosophical way or in a selfish way but in an honest way.  Without you; what do you have?  One thing the $500 Millionaire always makes sure of, is that he is always taking care of himself.  This means both mentally and physically.  If he takes care of himself, then he is more able to take care of others.  If he does not take care of him self, then how can he help others?

There are people who hit great level of success but could get even higher if they were to work on themselves.  The $500 Millionaire feels that people do not spend enough time working on themselves. GIVE YOURSELF SOME TIME, INVEST IN YOURSELF.  This do not mean to invest money and go to tons of conferences but invest time in yourself.  Self image is something that can make or break any person and it can allow anyone to continuously grow towards success or slowly fall away.  The amazing thing is that people do not take time to work on this.  People spend more time figuring out a vacation then they do figuring out them self.  Even some extremly successful people, if they only worked on their self image, they would not only get to the next level of success but they would have reached success much sooner.

Trying to help other people when you have a low self image just doesn’t make sense.  It is like a poor person trying to teach how to make money.  A fat person trying to teach how to loose weight.  A mean person trying to teach how to be nice.  You need to start at the foundation and build it strong.

There are tons of techniques that the $500 Millionaire uses to do this and self image is one thing that he feels distinguishes hapy people from miserable people.  Feel free to contact us or comment on any tricks you have used or heard of that could help raise your self image.  Some are uncomfortable to do and just out right strange but the good thing is, that they all work.

Now back to the 3 Little Pigs.  We are not going to go into the story.  If you would like you can re-read it yourself but the one thing the $500 Millionaire feels strongly about is that you need to have a strong foundation to get through the hard times or in the pigs case, the windy times.  Another way of thinking about is building a house of cards.


A house of cards looks GREAT on the outside but with a slight wind (adversity), everything come crumbling down. Once you take away that house of cards and put in a good foundation of who you are as a person, even with diversity, it will only fall right into place.  Things start making sense, success starts coming to you,  Remember a house of cards might look nice on the outside but when even the slightest wind (adversity) comes by, a good foundation stays strong where as the weak foundation crumbles.

Not all the lessons from the $500 Millionaire are complicated and 90% are EXTREMELY Simple.  Just reading this will do nothing but make you feel good.  You need to take actions in order to get results.

The topic of self image and self worth is one of the most valuable lessons you will learn from him.  It is impossible to gain great success, whatever your idea of success is, without a strong foundation and strong beliefs in yourself.  This is where true success comes from and with a low self image and a low perceived self value, you will stay stagnant in life.  If you are even looking at this blog, I do not feel that you are OK with a stagnant life.

Also…If you haven’t read the story about the 3 Little Pigs, the $500 Millionaire would suggest you read it.  If you need help in finding ways to help grow your self image, please look ANYWHERE online.  There are THOUSANDS of Blogs that will give you traditional tips but that is not what the $500 Millionaire is wanting to do.  One peice of advice the $500 Millionaire will give is that the subconscious brain can not differentiate the difference between positive and negative.  For example if you are trying to catch a ball most people will say to themselves, “Don’t Drop It”  Then they drop it.  The Subconscious mind doesn’t recognize the negative.  All it hears is “Drop it.”  A better way to think would be “Catch it”, it works.  In your life, change the way you talk to your self.

Think about some of the things you think about yourself.  We say things to our self, about our self that we would  hit someone if they said it about us.  Give yourself a break, and start talking to yourself in a positive way. Try this for the next 21 days and see if you feel different about yourself (Let us know what happens).  Stop telling you self, “Dont Mess Up”, ” Dont Be Broke”, “Dont Be Fat”, “Don’t Be Sad”.  Instead try saying things like “Do it Right”, ” Be Wealthy”, “be in Shape”, “Be Happy”.  This will be strange to do at the beginning but if you change the way you talk to your self about yourself, you will change the way you think about yourself and the outcomes in your life.

Remember to share this blog with anyone you know that can use some help getting that strong foundation or can help pick up their self image.  Also feel free to contact us or comment on any tricks you have used or heard of that could help raise your self image