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Don’t Let the How Slow You Down


The creative process has a specific process. The amazing thing is that all the way back to the beginning of time, “it” just happened and existence was created. Whatever you think “it” was is fine but “it” happened. “It” all starts from an idea but during this creative process the one question that never needs to be answered is “How?”  It doesn’t matter during the creative process because before that, “it” never existed so How can the How help you?

There are two stages of a successful idea that need to happen in respective order. The first thing that NEEDS to happen is the thought of the idea. This is based off of pat experience or expected future experiences. This is a process that the $500 Millionaire (5H$M) sees people not give enough time.

The creative process usually gets suffocated by the simple one word question, “How?”  If you knew that answer than you wouldn’t have to create the idea you just created. There are 4 W’s for the creative process and these are the only questions you want to ask yourself.  Who? What? When? Why?  Leave the How for later.

As you can see, “how” is not at all part of the creative process. Instead it is part of the implementation process.  Although the implementation process is important for the idea to come into reality it always comes second and the timing is extremely sensitive. If you jump on the though process of implementation before you fully let the creative process be flushed out, your results will probably be empty.

Don’t suffocate your idea. Understand that humans have an amazing ability to adapt. That is one of the STRONGEST survival abilities  we have on this planet.  When you continue to focus on the idea, the how will come. The 5H$M reminded me this past week that when you focus on the goal (idea) then the path is easier to see.

Pass this on to anyone who is blocked by the how but needs a bit more time to focus on the what, why, where, and when.


STOP WHINING–Responsibility vs Fault

It should be common knowledge that like is going to be full of ups and downs.  Successful people do not have any less shortfalls, they just handle them differently and tend to get much better results than unsuccessful people.  The $500 Millionaire tends to feel that there is a mindset that you NEED to instill in your head before you are able to really turn downfalls into complete success stories. Some people find fault as if there was a reward for it.

STOP WHINING–Responsibility vs Fault.

How to Swim With Sharks and Not Get Bit


Did you ever wonder why somebody would VOLUNTEER to swim with sharks?  I use to think that was CRAZY! When I am in the ocean, I try my best not to step on a shell let alone see a shark!  There are people who make a living, taking people TO THE sharks!!! When I did a bit of research, I was not at all surprised to find out that there are more fatal shark attacks on people playing/surfing in the ocean, than from people trying to swim with the sharks.  The $500 millionaire has found out how they do it.

To a shark, there is no difference between the people looking for the sharks and the people who are surfing with their friends.  A shark is a shark and we all know what they do…hunt.  Both humans probably taste similar but why doesn’t the sharks bite the people who are trying to swim with them as much as people just playing in the ocean?

The answer is simple and it all has to do with Risk Management.  In today’s society, there are tons of risks that make it harder and harder to become successful.   To become successful in any avenue of your life, you need to become a master of Risk Management.  In the instance with the shark bites, the $500 Millionaire believes the reason why the attacks are so one sided is because one group is prepared and aware of their environment and the other is oblivious to everything underneath them.  Have you ever been that person in any aspect of your life?

Now the $500 Millionaire does not surf and does not regularly swim with sharks but he does take risks…BIG RISKS.   To an optimist, with big risk come big rewards. To a pessimist, with big risk come even bigger problems.  Both are true but with the right preparation and understanding of your environment, you can mitigate that risk dramatically.   The $500 Millionaire has had failures throughout his life but nowhere near what he would have seen if he did not take the right precautionary measures.

Some people love risk and some people hate it.  One thing the $500 Millionaire believes is that when people are ready for it, no matter how big or small, almost anyone can handle it.  Risk is one thing that holds back someone’s ability to grow in their life, their relationship, and their carrier.  With risk comes one of the most powerful paralyzer to growth…fear. 

Think of fear as an acronym… False Evidence Appearing Real.  Fear can only exist when something is unknown.  If you know the outcome, there is no reason to fear.  (Feel Free to comment any outcome you know, that you still fear) Walking through a haunted house, you are not scared of what is happening, you are scared of what could potentially happen.  You know that you are not going to be hurt but for some reason you are still scared.  If you doubt this, walk through it again a second time, see if it there is as much fear.  Or watch a scary movie twice…not the same once you know what is going to happen.

Fear can also come from the thought that you are unable to handle a situation.  Something happens and you doubt you ability to make the correct decision.  Two words can fix that and never allow fear to hold you back again.  That is preparation and knowledge

If you are forced to work with someone you cannot trust or rely on, whether that is a Partner, a co-worker or a teammate, by knowing you can not trust or rely on them, you are able to work around their actions.  This is another one of those instances where knowledge is power and if you use that power correctly you can keep growing, take risks, and gain great rewards.  Remember Facts overtake Fear!

When you are investing your money, by just doing a bit of research and preparation, you can stay safe.  When buying a house, with just a bit of research and preparation, you can stay safe.  When finding a spouse, making a sale, or just crossing the street…with just a bit of research and preparation, you can stay safe.  With preparation and knowledge, you can gain GREAT rewards with manageable risk.

Think about some of the riskiest things people can do.  Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, Rock Climbing, Motorcycle Racing, Extreme Sports, etc.  There are people able to make a living doing things that if the $500 Millionaire even tried, like most of us, would get seriously injured or even die.  This is not because they are any different from the $500 Millionaire.  It is because they are prepared and have the knowledge of the correct actions to take to do what they want to do. (How to take the risk)

To answer the question, “How to swim with sharks and not get bit?”  It is simple, you take the necessary steps to prepare yourself and get knowledgeable about the situation.  Find an Instructor (a Mentor), Practice before the Real Test (gain Knowledge/Correct Advice), jump in the water (Take the action).  If you were to uses this method in every decision you make, you will have a much easier life and much fewer chaotic situations.  Preparation is the key to success.


Remember, the best way to deal with fear is knowledge.   I am not saying every time you fear something, by gaining knowledge it becomes good.  Knowledge and preparation together is just a very powerful tool to protect you from risk.  The $500 Millionaire tells me to trust my intuition but rely on facts to make a decision.  Fear is not Fact so do not only use that to make a decision.

The Truths about the Bible

I want to start off saying this is NOT a rant about the Bible or religion.  This was a non-spiritual, self-reasoned, eye opener I was show this weekend by the $500 Millionaire that I NEVER would have found on my own. No matter if you feel the Bible is the word of God or not, please do not worry, this post is not to prove one or the other and in all honestly does not talk about religion or God at all.

The Truths about the Bible.

The Truths about the Bible

ImageI want to start off saying this is NOT a rant about the Bible or religion.  This was a non-spiritual, self-reasoned, eye opener I was show this weekend by the $500 Millionaire that I NEVER would have found on my own. No matter if you feel the Bible is the word of God or not, please do not worry, this post is not to prove one or the other and in all honestly does not talk about religion or God at all.  I do not consider myself religious but one thing I am constantly trying to find is the true formula for success and after you read this piece I feel you will understand why these TRUTHS hold true and have a better understanding of the TRUTHS About the Bible.

This past weekend I spent a lot of time with the $500 Millionaire and one thing that consistently came up in our conversations is the concepts of TRUTHS.  There is a proven system of how to live life and become successful in whatever you desire.  These TRUTHS are not difficult and in fact they are extremely simple.  The strange thing was that every TRUTH we discussed was something that I heard and knew before.  As I was looking into this, being somewhat obsessed with self-growth, I was wondering, is there a main source to all of these concepts? Well it turns out there is one book that is the ultimate self-growth book… if read correctly.

It is uncomfortable for some people to even talk about let alone read because of the social biases that have surrounded this book.  With being such a “controversial” book, this book has been consistently, over the life time of its existence, a top seller.  It actually has sold the most copies over any other book in the history of mankind.  This book has cause more debate and more questions, as well as taken more lives and saved more lives than any other book in history.  With all the questions and controversy behind this book, there is one thing that remains constant.  In this book, if you were able to put away all the content you may feel is controversial, there are TRUTHS in this book that just cannot be broken.  

In science there are laws.  The Law of Time, Law of Motion, Law of Gravity, etc. and the reason why they are considered “Laws” is because they are Truths.  The $500 Millionaire’s definition of a TRUTH is something that produces the same result every time.  Meaning if you take a ball and drop it, in a natural setting with gravity, 100% of the time, that ball will drop down.  It will not go up, it will not go left, it will not go right… It will go down.  It is a Law and it is a TRUTH.   There is No Debate.

For those of you who have ever tried to go against any of these laws, you can probably attest that it doesn’t work…EVER.  If you follow these laws or TRUTHS, just like dropping the ball, you will get the same outcome every time.  While with the $500 Millionaire I was looking at my bookshelf to see if there were any books I have that he has not read.  As I was looking around, I said jokingly, “I would have saved a ton of time and money if I could just have one book that consists of all of these principles”

The $500 Millionaire told me that there was a book like that that is very commonly known.  Now I am the first to admit, I have tried to read this book before but it is not an easy read.  I have always seen this as a book someone reads when they are lost and need guidance but never as a self-growth book.  When I think about what I just said, I think about what I use a business or a growth book for; it is used for guidance.  That is what we all use self-growth books for.  I was just too closed minded that I never looked at this book as any more than to help lost people.  

 It was NEVER expressed to me that it could be used for that until this weekend.  I was too thick headed to see past the different beliefs or stories that just didn’t make sense to me to see that this book had each and every principle that myself, the $500 Millionaire, and a large majority of successful people follow (whether they know it or not). 

If you haven’t realized what book I am talking about, or forgot what the title of this post was, I am talking about Holly Bible.  It is one book that when it is offered to someone to read, for some reason, in today’s society, it is a controversial book.  To some, it is an insult if they are suggested to read this book…WHAT??  With all the filth and garbage that is considered a best seller and this book is controversial??? As of today the New York Times and Amazon’s Best seller is 50 Shades of Gray and to some, that’s considered OK to talk about at dinner, with friends, at work, or on TV, but when someone looks at the Bible, now it is a strange book to read and is not an openly accepted topic for discussion.  THIS IS CRAZY!

With that being said I want to make it very clear that I do not consider myself to be very religious and I do not belong to any form of organized religion.  To me, Sunday is a day for football and to prepare myself for the week.  As I was talking with the $500 Millionaire he asked, “What principles do you follow that make you more successful than others?”  I was caught off guard because I never really thought about it but I then started saying some of the things I do and the principles that I follow that have lead me to success.  Most of them I have learned from the most common self-growth books and some from mentors.  When I would explain my principles, there was EASILY a specific Biblical reference for each principle.  I do not mean things like sacrificing a lamb or Moses seeing a burning bush…those are stories.  I am talking about indisputable, concrete principles that came directly from the bible.Image

Now when someone relates an issue in life to a story in the bible, it frustrates me when they stretch the story to make it relate to the specific issue in order to find guidance.  But please understand you CAN NOT stretch, change, spin, or manipulate TRUTHS or Principles.  It is just not possible. The stretching of the stories to be used as guidance is one of the many things that turned me away from the Bible. But these principles hold true.  There was no debating this.  If you are trying to find fault in the Bible please understand this is not what I am talking about here.  I am not trying to say that the stories of the bible are true, things like God created the world in seven days are up for debate and I will not debate if they are true or not.  That is not why I have this new interest for the Bible.  To me, the stories are not the most powerful thing in the Bible and whether you agree with that aspect or not, this is still applicable to you.

No matter your religious beliefs, even if you DO NOT believe in religion, the Bible is the source of TRUTHS of success. There is no arguing that.  An overwhelming majority of the concepts in success books that actually work can be tied directly to biblical principles.  If you doubt this, so did I and trust me I am still doing a ton of research.  I can tell you this, the more and more I dig, there is no arguing that a TRUTH is a TRUTH.  I am finding more and more parallels between Biblical Principles and every book/principle I have used to grow my business, my life, and my relationships to the levels of success that they are today.

Again please try to look at this with an open mind and understand that I am NOT discussing if the story of the Bible are true or not.  What I am saying is if you read the bible, as you read a self-growth book, you will understand EVERY key concept and TRUTH of success by reading this one book (I understand technically the Bible is over 60 books).  I have no problems if you disagree with all the stories in the Bible but again, if you go against a law or a truth, they always produce the same outcome.  If you do not believe me…try it.

 Here is our challenge for you and this is not us trying to push religion on any one.  We challenge you to read the Bible as if you were reading a self-growth book.  Think about your favorite self-growth author and why you listen to them.  If you are like me it is because you have tried their suggestions and it has worked.  I do not agree with EVERY word in every book but I still gain value from reading them.   Just like we discussed finding mentors in (WWYD) What Would Yoda Do, it is ok to read the Bible as if you are at a buffet, you take what you need and leave the rest.  

The $500 Millionaire can give you a list of these principles if you would like, just let us know and we will get it out to you.

Try reading the bible in this way, and see if you can find any correlations between some of the core principles that you have been following and that you see in the self-growth books/blogs.  If you are running a successful business, if you have a successful marriage, if you are a successful parent, please do not be surprised if you are already doing some of these TRUTHS.  It does not mean you are overly religious but it is very “IRONIC” that when you look at the core principles of the Bible, success is easily spelled out for anyone to read and understand.  No matter if you read the Bible every day or if you are someone like me who has been to church less than 5 times and has never, before now, looked at the bible in this way, do yourself a favor and save yourself a lot of time and money on this self-growth/ success stuff and go to the source of it all…We promise you, you will be surprised with what you find.

The $500 Millionaire

Welcome to one of the most interesting challenges I have ever been given in my life. I am here to talk to you about the $500 Millionaire. The $500 Millionaire wants me to blog to you about how the $500 Millionaire became a millionaire from basically nothing. He want to give tips to people who want to live like Millionaires. One myth that the $500 Millionaire would like me to discuss and de-bunk is the people become successful because they have money. There are Millions of ways to go from nothing to something and this is geared towards helping people who want to better them self and become a $500 Millionaire. If you would like money to never be an issue again, then the one thing you can not afford is following this blog. I will address any questions you might have and give you a $500 Millionaire answer. You can ask anything from how to make money, how to save money, how to live like millionaire. Nothing is off limits and the $500 Millionaire will address any issues. These are all things that we will be able to answer and show you. The $500 Millionaire has created millions with less than $500 in some business and can show you how.

What is the $500 Millionaire all about

Welcome to one of the most interesting challenges I have ever been given in my life.  I am here to talk to you about the $500 Millionaire.  The $500 Millionaire wants me to blog to you about how the $500 Millionaire became a millionaire from basically nothing.  He want me to give his tips to people who want to live like Millionaires.

I want to start off by telling you that writing is not my strength and personally, I am still a little uncomfortable writing to this many people but the $500 Millionaire has suggested me to do this.  One thing I have learned over the years is that I do not go against many things suggested by the $500 Millionaire because he is usually right.  Feel free to comment and joke about misspellings, grammar issues, and anything else I write incorrectly.   I promise I will do my best to make it as readable as possible.

I am not sure if there are many people I could ask that wouldn’t want to live like a millionaire.  When you ask people what they would want more of, most people say Money but many don’t know that there is a secret to really making money.  The $500 Millionaire has taught me more than I could ever learn in a single lifetime and now has asked me to explain it to you.  There are simple and proven steps needed to be taken in order to live like a millionaire. Those steps, along with everything from making money, to saving money, in both your business and your personal life, will be addressed in this blog.

One myth that the $500 Millionaire would like me to discuss and de-bunk is that people become successful because they already have money.  There are Millions of ways to go from no success to huge success and this blog is geared towards helping people get there.  We want to work with people who want to better them self and become a $500 Millionaire.  If you would like money to never be an issue again, then the one thing you can not afford missing is following this blog.

Remember, not all people who have money are successful in the $500 Millionaires eyes.  According to the $500 Millionaire, the general public just doesn’t know the true secrets of how people really make money and he has been selfless enough to allow me to explain what I have learned.  I am going to do my best to express to you all of the knowledge I have gained from the $500 Millionaire.  This blog will be based off of successful experiences of the $500 Millionaire.  I’ll try my best to stay out of it.

I will take any questions you might have and get the $500 Millionaire to answer.  You can ask anything from how to make money, how to save money, to how to live like a millionaire.  Nothing is off limits and the $500 Millionaire will address any issues to the best of his abilities.  These are all things that he will be able to answer and show you.  The $500 Millionaire has created millions with less than $500 in some business and can show you how.

Again I would like to remind you, I personally am not a great writer and I was very surprised when the $500 Millionaire wanted me to do this.  I will not be able to give the $500 Millionairs identity as he wants to be as open as possible and by openly giving his trade secrets, it could affect some of the businesses that he has created or is a part of.  The only way he would allow me to do this is if I promised him I would never tell anyone who he is until he was ready.  One thing you should know about me is loyalty and trust are two virtues I never break.  Even my closest friends and family members can not know who he is until he is ready.

I am excited to start this and am excited to be able to help people the way the $500 Millionaire has been able to help me.  Please never hesitate to contact me or comment on any post about any questions you have in regard to any aspect in life.  As soon as I learn something that the $500 Millionaire agrees is valuable, it will be shared with you.  The goal is to have a blog once a week but as soon as there is something to share, we will do so.  Make sure you start following this blog immediately and also share this blog with as many people as you feel it may help.  I can not think of anyone that couldn’t benefit from the $500 Millionaire.